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Legalization fears over increase in use unfounded

Despite conservative fears over increased use of non-medicinal marijuana subsequent to the legalization of cannabis in Canada, Statistics Canada’s Q4 2018 report shows that legalization led to little actual increase in use. The below article from Daily Hive nicely sums up the report from Statistics Canada. As reported on the Daily Hive, February 7, 2019, […]

Women’s sexual health and cannabis

As reported on the Daily Hive, the interest in the effects of cannabis on health is nothing new, particularly seeing how marijuana and CBD affect women’s sexual health. Read on to learn about a sexual health forum recently held in Toronto. As reported on the Daily Hive, February 8, 2019, by Daily Hive Staff: There are […]

Upcoming smartphone app to help you find legal weed

According to a new article in the Daily Hive, March will bring the release of a new app that allows users to seek and purchase legal cannabis. As reported on the Daily Hive, February 20, 2019, by Daily Hive Staff: Our phones are wondrous little devices. Sure, they sell our location, shopping habits, and personal […]

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