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Tips On How To Wake And Bake

Whether it’s a special treat every now and again or part of your morning routine, a wake and bake session can be a stimulating way to start the day. If you’ve ever tried to wake and bake, only to end up back in bed feeling too groggy to continue on, you could benefit from taking some time […]

Tips on choosing CBD products

A non-intoxicating, highly therapeutic compound in cannabis known as CBD, or cannabidiol, has sparked a revolution in cannabis. Studies have demonstrated CBD’s benefits in treating a variety of ailments, including epilepsy, cancer, pain, arthritis, and anxiety disorders, although it can also be used to alleviate everyday stress and more mild symptoms. CBD can be extracted and processed into a variety of forms, each […]

Scientists have engineered yeast to make Cannabinoids

Genetically engineered yeast produce the cannabinoids THC and CBD, researchers reported today (February 27) in Nature. Much like in their typical application of brewing beer, the microbes ferment sugar into the compounds. The authors say the protocol offers a way to produce a desired cannabinoid without contamination from other plant products. For instance, CBD has […]