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Agent Orange (AAA) – Budget Buds


THC 21% | CBD 0%

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The happy feeling users experience on this strain may be accompanied by a mild body-numbing effect. Users should be prepared for a strong attack of the munchies although snacks do not need to be on-hand because of the energy Agent Orange generates. This is a great strain for getting out and getting things done as the “trippy-ness” wears off in approximately 20-40 minutes after its onset. As with most Sativa strains, common negative side effects include cotton mouth, dry eyes, anxiety, paranoia and headache.

This strain is great for daytime or morning use. Agent Orange is often used by people seeking refuge from stress, anxiety and depression. While it is not recommended for anything beyond minor aches and pains, Agent Orange has been helpful to patients managing minor infrequent pain. It has also been useful to patients living with chronic migraines and fatigue.

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28 Grams, 8 Ounces

6 reviews for Agent Orange (AAA) – Budget Buds

  1. Ivanalpha

    Very strong high will leave you feeling very euphoric. Personally I think it smells very earthy.

  2. Gary Kelly

    gave me massive munchies and made me laugh a lot. Smoking this while looking up at the stars with another J in your hand is pure bliss

  3. Justcalm

    I would like it more if it didn’t make me so hungry. I’m still looking for a strain that doesn’t make me want to eat. lol Great 5 stars

  4. Williams

    very potent stuff, not the best strain to smoke during the day, but overall one of the best things I have ever laid hands on!!

  5. Lockerstar

    I love this strain it was my very first legal pot buy. I couldn’t believe. I felt like I had still did some thing wrong. But feeling’s a side.

  6. Shawn

    Very happy with this strain nice high

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