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Berry Noir (AAA+)


THC 21% | CBD 0%


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The THC levels of this well-balanced strain are regularly reaching heights of 20% or more, giving users a powerful high without completely knocking you off your feet. As its parentage would suggest, this is a flavorful bud packed with skunky pungency, fruitiness, citrus tones, and a smooth licorice aftertaste. The aromas of earth and berry perfectly complement the bright coloring of this lime green spongy nugget. To round out the aesthetic, these buds are covered in shiny white trichomes, sticky resin, and a thin layer of crimson hairs.

Berry Noir is a smooth burning strain that offers users a break for their lungs as it is a mild smoke all the way around. This is a nightcap type of strain and will almost instantly give you that sleepy feeling many crave. The high starts in your head and core, weighing you to the couch, then rolls like waves throughout your limbs, leaving you tingly and euphoric. Enjoy this sensation as long as you can, as this high almost always ends in sleep.

Because of the aforementioned effects and the strength in which they hit, Berry Noir is a perfect combatant for insomnia. It rolls in fast, washing away any troubles one might have when falling asleep. It is also great for depression, stress, anxiety, and bipolar. You can utilize this strain for inflammation as well, as it tends to be a well-rounded medicinal bud.

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3 reviews for Berry Noir (AAA+)

  1. Benjamin

    Very relaxing and chill. Good bud lol

  2. Richard Hannell

    Simple to use

  3. shanitachatralia-7247

    Good buzz, super calming and chill

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