Black Bubba- Cannabis
Black Bubba- Cannabis
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Black Bubba (AAA)



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Black Bubba’s high often takes several minutes to take effect. Up to 15 minutes after enjoying its luxurious smoke, consumers may begin to feel uch odd sensations as an increase in salivation and a slight pressure or a flushing in the face. Many may also experience trippy phenomena related to sensory perception, including visual distortions of depth and a feeling of time passing more slowly. In these early stages, Black Bubba’s psychedelic properties can be intensified by media like moody music. Once adjusted to the strain’s onset, smokers begin to notice the weight of its physical relaxation. Symptoms like weighty limbs and droopy eyelids may have some making a beeline for the closest comfortable surroundings. Indeed, Black Bubba is well-suited to such passive activities as binge-watching or solo reading. Any mental stimulation that the strain exerts is sure to be subtle, manifesting more as a kind of free association in the user’s stream-of-consciousness, rather than as an intense cerebral focus. It would be a mistake to toke on Black Bubba before taking on a heavy workload or tackling a lengthy to-do list. Instead, enjoy this strain as you kick back at the end of a long day or week of work and be prepared for the outside world to recede into the background. It may go without saying that, due to its sleepy vibes, Black Bubba is best enjoyed during the evening or nighttime.

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3 reviews for Black Bubba (AAA)

  1. Russell

    this strain has to be my all time favorite, I love the high it gives me and it just makes me want to go hang out with my friends and it actually really helps with my depression and anxiety

  2. bhargav.p1985

    Nice size bud and the high from the stuff is awesome… thanks Budem for serving nice products…

  3. jason

    Nice slow evolving head high.Really smooth smoke and nice taste. Be sure to work your way up until you get an idea of how much to use. Could be a great everyday smoke.

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