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Blue Cheese (AAA+) – $125 Ounce Deal

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THC 20% | CBD 0%

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Blue Cheese is a classic indica-dominant hybrid that delivers a memorable taste alongside a balanced high. Its distinctive name has more to do with its genetic lineage, a cross between the popular Blueberry and the UK-native strain Cheese, than its taste, which is surprisingly fruity.

The Blue Cheese name has more to do with its lineage than taste. Blue Cheese achieves its potency with an average THC composition of about 15% to 20%.

Breeder Big Buddha Seeds, who perfected a phenotype of parent strain Cheese, is credited with introducing one variety of Blue Cheese to the cannabis market. The Netherlands-based operations Barney’s Farm and Royal Queen Seeds also produce and sell seeds for a distinct Blue Cheese variety.

Cured buds of Blue Cheese are large and have a very dense bud structure. The tightly-packed leaves are light to medium green and are threaded through with copper-colored hairs (which are actually pollen-collecting pistils). This is a very resinous strain, and flowers are correspondingly covered in sticky white trichomes. When fresh, Blue Cheese buds are difficult to break up by hand and typically require use of a grinder. This strain has “bag appeal” in the form of its pungent aroma, flowers primarily have a fruity, berry smell, inherited from parent strain Blueberry. Rounding out this sweetness is a tangy hint of cheese, which some have compared to musk or even rotten vegetables. When flowers are combusted, the smoke is thick and lung-expanding, and can induce some serious coughing for users who take a big enough hit. Once smokers get past this eye-watering, palate-tickling pungency, they’ll notice an entirely fruity blueberry taste on the exhale, absent of cheesy funk. However, this strain can leave a musty, hash-like aftertaste that lingers in the mouth long after smoke has been exhaled.

The high from this strain can creep up slowly — without the initial headrush that’s associated with many cerebral sativa strains, this indica will gradually bring on a sense of physical relaxation and an altered way of thinking that may catch smokers by surprise. This mellow indica vibe is excellent for restfulness and de-stressing, but it won’t necessarily lead to incapacitating couchlock — although couchlock is a possibility with larger and larger doses. Blue Cheese’s physical effects make it a good means of relief from minor aches and pains, as well as an aid to counteract insomnia. On the sativa side, Blue Cheese confers a mildly euphoric high that won’t leave users trapped in a cerebral loop of recursive thinking. As such, it’s a great option for treating anxiety, depression, and even some symptoms associated with PTSD. Its clearheaded and focused high is also beneficial for those with attention deficit disorders. Blue Cheese can also be a strong appetite stimulant, for better or worse. Less desirable effects may include dizziness and some paranoia if Blue Cheese is consumed in large enough doses. This strain is optimal for enjoyment from early evening to nighttime, as a way to unwind after the workday or as an after-dinner treat.

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7 reviews for Blue Cheese (AAA+) – $125 Ounce Deal

  1. Bildozer

    Got this in the mystery bag, so I was kinda disappointed that the value was less than the mystery bag oz, however, the weed is pretty outstanding… That being said, it was a bit damp for my liking and was a very sloppy trim job

  2. dgiovann29

    ..superb…..c’est magique… spoil me budem….spoil me…i will do my best, within reason ofcourse to reciprocate,…. i am afterall only a common man..eternal cheers…got my soul singin….

  3. Joanne Nemec Osmond


  4. jordonleigh91

    This was amazing bud. Really beautiful smelling and tasting… would definitely recommend. A new favorite

  5. devyn_baldwin

    Got a free 3.5 good weed! Well worth the price an Oz

  6. Melissa Njarheim

    Love this one!! It’s got great flavor and a nice buzz!!

  7. Justin Steinhoff

    Absolutely loved it, such a good taste and it’s definitely one of my favorites

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