BUy Blue God Cannabis
BUy Blue God Cannabis
BUy Blue God Cannabis
BUy Blue God Cannabis
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Blue God (AAA)



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Blue God’s buds are dense, with leaves that appear more violet than green. Resin production is high – a blanket of trichomes makes the dried flowers appear almost iridescent. Famously potent parent strain Blueberry comes through strong on the palate. When broken up, buds give off a more dank, earthy odor. Smoke is harsh and expands quickly, inducing coughing, although it does not have the hashy acrid tang of similarly heavy Indicas. When inhaled, this strain has a rich berry flavor, similar to a blue raspberry slushie.

Blue God has a high that takes root entirely in the body. A nighttime strain for sure, it creeps up slowly, slowing down breathing and relaxing muscle tension. Any mental effects are more psychedelic than cerebral – music or movies can seem surreal and amplified. In general, the spacey, stoned feeling from Blue God precludes any sense of focus. The tranquilizing effects of this strain are effective for chronic pain, anxiety, and especially insomnia.


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28 Grams, 4 Ounces, 8 Ounces, 1 Pound

2 reviews for Blue God (AAA)

  1. Bred

    Great for patients dealing with insomnia!

  2. Rick

    Excellent strain for staying in and having some fun at home in the evening.

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