(blueberry dream) Blueberry - Budget Buds
(blueberry dream) Blueberry - Budget Buds
(blueberry dream) Blueberry - Budget Buds
(blueberry dream) Blueberry - Budget Buds
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Blueberry – Budget Buds


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Blueberry is often described as the “one hit and quit”, but is notably potent, even for experienced cannabis smoker. Smokers are quickly struck with a sense of physical heaviness that might be disorienting in situations that require mobility or coordination. In a relaxed setting, this physical sensation can translate into a therapeutic calmness, allowing smokers to unwind after a long day or week of work. The sativa genetics confer some slight mental effects, but these take a form of euphoric uplift quite more than of cerebral thoughtfulness; smokers may feel chatty or even giggly. In high enough doses, Blueberry will leave users heavy and couch locked — this is not an ideal strain for productivity and is better suited to tranquil evening use.

Medically speaking, Blueberry has almost narcotic properties. It is of use to those with pain conditions — both short-term pain due to injury or exercise or long-term chronic pain such as disease or nerve damage. It can also help relieve some of the troubling symptoms of stress, anxiety and even PTSD, creating a physical relaxation strong enough to ease racing, pre-occupied mind. Most notably, Blueberry can induce a deep and lasting sleep and therefore serve as an antidote to entrenched insomnia. Its heaviness can also result in droopy, unfocused eyes. As noted, a little bit of Blueberry goes a long way and its high is said to last longer than average.

Perfect for mellow nighttime use, Blueberry is a great choice for those looking to unwind alone or with an intimate group of familiar friends. Its combination of restorative physical relaxation with a mildly hazy head high is matched by standout flavors. Blueberry’s enviable genetics have been used to crossbreed popular strains like Blue Dream and Blueberry Kush.

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28 Grams, 8 Ounces

3 reviews for Blueberry – Budget Buds

  1. Chad Wilson

    This was some nice bud, love the blue berry strains

  2. Trevor

    Just tried the blueberry for the first time, love it!

  3. cumberlandbluesvp

    Amazing quality for the price….nice steady buzz

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