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Bovedo – Humidity Pack 4 Gram



  • Slip a Boveda pack in your jar to keep cannabis fresh
  • Cycles in humidity are eliminated
  • No need to activate, no maintenance, no more hassle of using distilled water
  • Lasts 3 months in most seasoned humidors, replace when packs get rigid

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The Small (4 gram) Boveda pack measures 2.5″ tall x 2.75″ wide. Put a Boveda Humidipak in your air tight container and relative humidity will be controlled at the RH level printed on the pack. Perfect humidity is essential for keeping smoking material fresh for any length of time. This makes a great gift for all the cigar and medicinal herb fans in your life. Boveda’s 2-way humidity control is the only technology that can be pre-formulated to a specific humidity level with an accuracy of +/-2%. Boveda guarantees a constant level of humidity that never fluctuates or cycles. It also eliminates the conditions that allow for the growth of bacteria, mold or mildew. You will never have to use distilled water sponges, tortilla, bread, lettuce for re-hydration of your herbs and cigars.


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8 reviews for Bovedo – Humidity Pack 4 Gram

  1. stoner

    A great product. I wish the product cost would come down a bit though. Also it should have some kind of indicator to show when it is wearing out. I suspect a lot of people replace it too often because they’re worried it’s not going to be performing at its proper level.

  2. It’s just me

    I purchase 5 of these 4 gram just about 90 days ago. A long with 2 oz’s of weed.
    Using two mason jars with sealed lids
    It keep my buds perfect even after 90 days the packets are still soft to touch
    The buds still break up like the day I got my order sticky, smelly scent and the taste was still there
    Now another order and still using the same packets again… another 90 ?

  3. mvca304

    Excellent moisture pack; easily one of the top brands. Keeps your flowers nice and fresh, as they should be.

  4. andree

    Keep your weed fresh without humidity swing. A must if you want to store it for a time.

  5. Fionnagh S

    Don’t be one of those using anything as filters. These are convenient, easy and perfect. Never roll without these bad boys.

  6. Yuji

    A MUST HAVE!!!! A complete game changer FOR REAL! A Completely brilliant product that I will never go without again. There’s not any other products that I have been this amazed and happy with. It truly will keep your dried “fruit” from molding


    Nice and thin without ripping easily. Smooth roll

  8. Emery

    This keeps my stuff at the perfect humidity level, thereby keeping it fresh so much longer. It also takes out the moisture when it happens to be a little too wet. I recommend these to every one I know.

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