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Bubba Berry (AAA)

THC: 21%

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Delicious flavors combine with super hard-hitting effects in Bubba Berry, an indica-dominant strain crafted by Apothecary Genetics. DJ Short’s Blueberry crossed with Pre-98 Bubba Kush gives users one heck of a combo, so make sure you’re very in tune with your tolerance before jumping in.

Numbers can be a bit deceiving, as Bubba Berry only tops out at 17% THC yet packs a huge punch. Her flower tends to be a conical shape with deep red hairs and thick crystals that are an opaque white. True to her name, this strain features a strong scent and flavor of berries that are balanced by notes of musk and earth that’s just a bit spicy. It can be a bit cough-inducing for some, but the flavor is well worth it.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a super stoney strain, Bubba Berry is the one for you. While her sativa side does initially show through with a mood boost that brings about massive amounts of euphoria, don’t expect to remain functional for very long. Introspection becomes the name of the game and both your body and mind will be weighed down like you’ve never thought possible. Some users end up ravenously hungry before bed, so keep snacks at the ready, and prepare for an incredible night of sleep.

As a result of her powerful effects, Bubba Berry tends to be a top pick among medical cannabis users. Sometimes at the end of the day, we need instant relief, and this strain kicks in about as quickly as you could hope for. Anxiety and depression melt away right off the bat, and as your body relaxes into the couch, you can rest assured that physical pain will go by the wayside. As the high progresses, those with a loss of appetite will finally be able to eat with joy, and the toughest case of insomnia won’t be able to put up a fight for very long.

Great flavors and appealing effects always tend to draw people toward a specific strain, but make sure you’ve cleared your calendar before you embark upon this journey. Bubba Berry can be incredibly sedating if you smoke too much, so start off with a toke or two and slowly work your way up to additional doses when you feel ready to do so.

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3 reviews for Bubba Berry (AAA)

  1. Jacob

    Amazing taste , price, and quality. Two thumbs up

  2. Chandler

    I am a quadriplegic and I use this strain to stop my body spasms. I have gotten rid of synthetic medications and I only use Bubba Berry

  3. Grace Vega

    Definitely an evening affair mostly due to a slow creeping body melt. The mind still working fine but body not following suit. Keep them coming boys!!

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