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Bubba Kush – $119 Ounce Deal


THC 25% | CBD 0%

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Bubba Kush has small to medium sized buds that have the dense bud structure characteristic of indica varieties. The leaves are dark green and can sometimes show shades of purple, the result of anthocyanin pigments having been activated by cold temperatures during the growing process. This is a very resinous strain — a coating of white trichomes covers the colorful leaves, and are even visible on the inside when buds are broken open. The flowers have a vague aroma of coffee or cocoa, with some slight fruitiness beneath. When burnt, Bubba Kush smells more hashy and spicy, as might be expected of a Kush, with smoke that is fairly harsh and cough-inducing. Notably, this is one strain whose purple flowers do not result in a grape-like taste: the pigments that determine Bubba Kush’s color do not affect flavor. The taste is mostly dank, with some sweetness and a peppery kick in the exhale. This is also a particularly pungent strain — users concerned about discretion should plan accordingly.

Unusually for such an indica-heavy strain, Bubba Kush’s high begins with a warped, disoriented sensation in the head. This fogginess, however, gives way to a more expected body melt that intensifies as the high wears on. Although not necessarily energized, smokers can maintain mental focus and converse or perform tasks as needed. Mostly, users will experience heavy, slow-breathing relaxation and a palpable sense of physical comfort. Couchlock is uncommon, leaving users functional and alert.  Bubba Kush’s medical uses are mental as well as physical — it can provide some relief from anxiety and depression in addition to soothing chronic, deep-seated aches and pains. In large enough doses, it can serve as treatment for insomnia as well. Many users describe increased appetite as a common side effect. Well-suited to nighttime or lazy daytime use, Bubba Kush’s stimulation of both body and mind makes it great for activities that involve both — including, but not limited to, exercise and sex.

With a healthy fan base and immediate name recognition, Bubba Kush is a staple of the U.S. cannabis market. Its potency and solid indica genetics have crossbred into a slew of child strains like Blackberry Kush, Bubba’s Gift, and Madness. Definitely more of a nighttime strain, this aromatic smoke and relaxing high can be a great way to unwind after a long day.

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1 Ounce $119.99, 4 Ounces $439.99, 8 Ounces $859.99, 1 Pound $1549.99

14 reviews for Bubba Kush – $119 Ounce Deal

  1. john dales

    very good price good smoke had bad experience to get my order delivered it got lost but the company was fair and resent my order plus 1/2 gram of hash and a gram of kief im happy

  2. Tootie Ritchie

    Loveeeeee this one so much gotten it 2 times now so good definitely worth the money !

  3. Clifford Ludwig

    Great quality, big buds, excellent customer service and vary agreeable prices needless to say I am pleased will be ordering this again

  4. LINDA Darlow

    i just love it .iwill buy this one again I’m trying all of them never disappointed . the prices is great .im a senior the price i can afford 2 buy more keep it up love u guys.

  5. Kim

    Great company, got the wrong order and they let me keep the incorrect one and sent me my original one for the hassle! Best bud

  6. gabrielcarriere99

    For the price you can’t go wrong great nugs even put a extra sometimes

  7. ol’smokey

    This is where an old timer was wishing legalization would lead.

    This is excellent smoke at an unbeatable price.
    There may be better deals out there, but I have yet to see it. I have sampled many sites quads for more $, nothing as good quality as this bargain oz.

    Every order will probably have an oz for me

  8. Kevin

    Another good smooth strain nice big buds

  9. Lena Russell

    Been ordering from this company for a while – this strain in particular – and my experience has always been amazing. The weed is absolutely top notch, an amazing price, and most of my packages have had little extra gifts thrown in!

    If you’re thinking about ordering from them, I’m telling you it’s a no brainer

  10. dgiovann29

    nicely done….my type of smoke….thx for the gift

  11. Tyler Giroux

    Amazing site good service and very good smoke

  12. Tmac

    10/10 for the price I was surprised at the quality very impressed

  13. Holly James

    Great bud perfect price!

  14. Paul Suley

    not too shabby…good deal

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