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CannaPaws – CBD Chicken Bites


Bottle contains 250mg of CBD, salmon oil, and organic chicken.

Benefits of CBD for your furry family member:

  • Cancer Pain
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Seizures

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What can CBD do for your dog?

CannaPaws CBD provided by full-spectrum hemp oil, is an all-natural, lab-tested substance that can potentially support a healthy immune system. Once the liquid is extracted from the hemp plant, it can be used in a variety of ways. One of the most highly studied topics is the use of CBD for bone and joint support as well as promoting relaxation in humans and pets.

Although it’s rather unlikely that conventional veterinarians will begin stocking their shelves with CBD oils, the herb has holistic veterinarians singing its praises (and rightfully so).

We’ll get into the benefits of CBD products momentarily. But, before we do, we want to answer one of the most common questions regarding cannabis for dogs.

Can Dogs Get High?

A huge misconception is that CBD dog bites and CBD oil for dogs will get your pooch higher than the moon. This isn’t the case. As we previously discussed, the CBD that you will purchase for Fido is derived from the hemp plant and will have less than 0.3% THC, thus making it appropriate.

However, if your pup were to ingest CBD oil or a CBD edible derived from the marijuana plant, it is possible for them to get “high,” but, more likely, they will get violently ill. If our readers use marijuana recreationally, it is imperative for the marijuana to be kept far out of reach of their dogs. Your pup will not benefit from oils or edibles derived from the marijuana plant, so it’s best for them to stay far away!

CBD from the hemp plant is the only way to go for your dog.

CBD Oil Promote Relaxation

One of the ways that hemp CannaPaws CBD oil can benefit dogs and humans is through promoting relaxation in dogs. As humans, we know what it’s like to feel stressed, some of us more so than others. What pet owners may not realize is that their precious pup can also face a great deal of stress, whether it is in the form of travel-related stress or various phobias (e.g., fireworks, thunderstorms).

CBD Oil Supports Healthy Bones & Joints

Hemp CBD may also play a role in supporting healthy bones, joints, and connective tissue in people and their dogs. The CBD hemp oil can also help maintain a normal inflammatory response and may help relieve joint stiffness associated with normal daily exercise and activity.

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9 reviews for CannaPaws – CBD Chicken Bites

  1. Melissa Njarheim

    I had bought these for my little yorkie when she was at the end of her life. We’ve since had to say goodbye, but I just wanted to thank y’all for giving me an option for something that helped her joint pain without adding more side effects in addition to her lung meds. These seemed to work for her really well (though she never did respond when I asked her how they worked.. lol) thanks again for bringing more quality to her last few months. I wish you all every joy in life

  2. coupe1947

    I’m sure they do work really well but I’m not sure of the dosage for my 18 pound small dog

  3. Theodora

    Great tincture, I rescued a puppy that was very scared at first and now he is calm after I give him CBD every couple day.

  4. revenge

    Great, I saved an initially scared puppy and now it has calmed down after I give him CBD every few days <3 !!

  5. thangbin

    great, this product has helped my dog ​​reduce fear. good

  6. Paul Horncastle

    My Great Dane has been helped a lot by this CBD product, his joints are way more limber bringing his quality of life back up.

  7. patweed

    My dog loves it
    Helps whit her old joints

  8. Mitchell Febrile

    amazing made my dog so much calmer

  9. Brenda Kellen

    Delivery is very private

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