Citrus Sunshine Haze ( AAA)
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Citrus Sunshine Haze ( AAA)


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Medical concerns have a way of taking the wind out of anyone’s sails, and whether you’re experiencing physical or mental issues, Citrus Sunshine Haze will do her best to help you feel like a normal person again. Both anxiety and depression will be kicked to the curb, allowing you to maintain a smile on your face for hours. Migraines that previously stopped you in your tracks will fade away, and concentration issues also become a thing of the past.

As one would imagine, finding accurate cultivation information for Citrus Sunshine Haze is just as difficult as learning about her breeders themselves. In fact, locating seeds or clones for sale is even more of a challenge, so home growers who have their hearts set on this bud should probably look elsewhere.

Those who have tried Citrus Sunshine Haze describe it as “sunshine in a bag” so we’re pretty certain it will do a great job getting your morning going. We’d encourage seasoned users to experiment with this strain on a mellow day, as her comedown could vary quite a bit. The last thing you want is to be snoozing in the middle of a meeting at work!

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1 review for Citrus Sunshine Haze ( AAA)

  1. michaelrondeau11

    Smells really good. Gives a nice energetic high.

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