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Cosmic Concentrates – Shatter Purple Rockstar


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Cosmic Concentrates (Shatter Extracts) strives to provide the highest quality extracts in Canada. We use only top shelf ingredients to ensure a safe and clean product for medical patients and recreational customers.  Cosmic Concentrates – Shatter Purple RockStar is processed with in house material and or material from other licensed, reputable establishments. Our shatter Purple RockStar comes from AAA flower sourced in Vancouver, BC Canada.

With over 30 years of combined experience, we continue to innovate the industry and strive for consistent quality above all else. We believe cannabis done right can deliver the perfect elevation. Built on a foundation of quality and trust, Cosmic Shatter extracts every product it produces, providing the highest quality, most consistent and potent concentrates on the market. We leverage science and innovation in our methods to continually enhance our products – resulting in the perfect elevation for you! The difference is in the details. Demand a better experience with Cosmic Concentrates Shatter – Purple RockStar full-profile cannabis oils.

Cosmic Concentrates utilizes a state of the art laboratory and uses several different extraction methods to produce a wide variety of products. Products include Live Resin, Rosin, Shatter, Wax, Oils, Topicals, and Cartridges.


Cosmic Concentrates – Shatter Purple RockStar

Cosmic Concentrates’ Purple Rockstar is a rare Indica strain known for its striking purple appearance and potent effects.

 A cross between Rockstar and Purple Kush, Purple Rockstar is an indica-dominant strain perfect for overcoming aches, pains, and anxiety. This strain is also highly effective for treating fatigue, chronic pain, stress, depression and migraines.
Consumers can expect a euphoric boost that uplifts and relaxes the mind, while tension in the body melts away. If you need to wind down after a long day, Purple Rockstar may be just what the doctor ordered.


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1 Gram $30.99, 7 Grams $179.99, 14 Grams $319.99, 28 Grams $599.99

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  1. Emma Puddy

    Rich and potent. If you’re looking for a dab to knock you on your ass this is it. Great to space out after a long day at work.

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