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Elite Elevation – THC Diamonds


  • 95%+ THC profile
  • 1 gram
  • Comes in a glass jar
  • 9 Pound Hammer
  • Wizard Stones

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What are THC diamonds?

THC diamonds aka THC crystalline look exactly like the little gems they are so fondly named after and are 99% pure THC-A. Their size is small and can resemble granulated sugar and at largest full-sized diamond look-alike that are a few millimeters wide. The remaining 1% of THC diamond is made up of terpenes and other cannabinoids. This is THC in its purest form possible.

What is THC-A?

THC-A is an inactivated cannabinoid. THC-A will convert into THC after it has been heated to extreme temperatures but is utterly ineffective on its own and will not produce the same psychoactive and euphoric sensations you would expect from a product high in THC.

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9 Pound Hammer, Wizard Stones

1 review for Elite Elevation – THC Diamonds

  1. Madelaine Noel

    Wow hats off to you guys at Budem! This stuff kicks you in the butt !!

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