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Free Gift Bud Edibles


12 reviews for Free Gift Bud Edibles

  1. Jason Vandenberghe

    Very nice

  2. mntgal70

    Really good!!

  3. Joanne

    Great products

  4. ross_bif

    Great products, quick delivery

  5. shannonmcgregor083

    Great site. Huge choice

  6. travis Nutbrown


  7. Pete LeBlanc

    Excellent quality and service

  8. Kushnation

    One of my favorite sites to order…now with Canada post slowing down, it takes 2 weeks to reach Montreal. What’s the point of express post???

  9. Cheryl Lynn

    great pictures and information

  10. Faye Stewart

    this site looks great ,cant wait to try out some new stuff and see how it works for me etc.too bad the vaps i wanted are all sold out was really wanting a new vaps for weed only since i quite somking when are you getting more in ?

  11. Tammy Harris

    Love this site

  12. andrewcollin

    Best place !Too bad about the shipping fee great to buy bulk anyways and an added bonus was the extra content in the bag made up for the shipping fee Bammm!!

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