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Free Kief


30 reviews for Free Kief

  1. David Dang

    So good I like it

  2. Leah Moser

    Very good

  3. alvynlandry

    Never enjoyed myself we’ll being stoned to the bones

  4. Denis Godbout

    I love it too mix Whit the weed really good in tea also

  5. 911.cstarr

    Love it Thank you.

  6. Patrick Niemi

    great high

  7. andrewcollin

    This stuff is The thumbs up.

  8. bugscarrier723

    Super produit

  9. paff9901

    Great high

  10. Toby Waboose

    The shit is the bee’s knees.. no doubt about it.i like

  11. Nicolas Gentile


  12. Jamie Easton

    Good high

  13. eastonjamie16

    Good high

  14. Carrie Miller

    Good prices

  15. Cory Battiste

    Good stuff

  16. Cobey Fiset-Hofer

    Great price good high

  17. brookmann

    2 thumbs up

  18. Cart brett


  19. Red kryptonite


  20. Leah Moser

    Very mellow

  21. Samuel Martineau


  22. Pamela Smith

    Very good likes the strong taste a really good high

  23. Cory Battiste

    Awesome stuff keep it up

  24. Benoit Carrier

    J’aimerais bien goûté

  25. Helen Plummer


  26. Jenn

    Nice and smooth and the high is great . God’s Green and Tom Ford I go back and forth doesn’t burn as I have learned from buying eles where. It the crap I bought elsewhere DOESN’T COMPARE to BUDEM. LEASON LEARNED. THANKS


    I really like the quality
    And the prices is fire
    Keep it up guys you are the best

  28. kimberly


  29. ashley Fowler

    Love these products!

  30. Nate

    Fireee free tooo

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