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Fruity Pebbles – $99 Ounce Deal


fruity pebbles strainfruity pebbles strain

THC 24% | CBD 0%

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Fruity Pebbles is marked by long and densely-packed conical buds that look strikingly different from the smaller, more compact nugs more typical of pure indicas. Leaves are green, although many phenotypes have vibrant shades of purple and red with contrasting orange pistils. These bright colors — which provide further reason for this strain’s name — are the result of anthocyanins, compounds similar to chlorophyll in the plant that produce colors when exposed to cold temperatures.

Perhaps most notably, Fruity Pebbles has a sweet, tropical scent, similar to citrus and berries. Breaking the buds open yields a more spicy, hashy scent. When combusted, the smoke from this strain is smooth when drawn through a joint or a pipe and it has a sugary, fruity aftertaste.

Most cannabis strains sold under the label Fruity Pebbles provide a hybrid-type high that takes hold quickly, with a soft but strong body buzz that can provide relaxation and some spacey, psychedelic effects. Many fans of the strains describe a strange physical sensation and a sharpening of the senses and a heightened awareness that can lend itself to stimulating conversation, creative projects, or even exercise. However, the more indica-dominant varieties of Fruity Pebbles have the capacity to produce produce heavy body highs that cause couchlock. In general, these strains may be effective medication for pain, mood disorders, migraines, and attention deficit disorders. Indica-leaning phenotypes are also very helpful in relieving insomnia, and easing mental tension.

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13 reviews for Fruity Pebbles – $99 Ounce Deal

  1. Benjamin

    Just the kind I like. It gives me the squinty eyes and cloudy head. I would love to know if there are other similar ones available.

  2. Antoine

    These potent buds provided relaxation and relief for a sore back. Some of the best buds I ever ordered. Budem.net provided excellent customer service as well as throwing in some gifts too. Will be ordering from this site all the time, and continue to recommend them to friends and family as well.

  3. Hayden

    Very good strain tastes very good

  4. Rémi

    good shit fucking amazing

  5. Samuel

    very enjoyable and relaxing.

  6. zackryanftw

    5 stars because this is and awesome deal and the buds are nice and dense/ good amount of crystal. Live this stuff for its price and quality.

  7. Jacob

    Quality product. Excellent service.

  8. Kathy Yerxa

    Amazing taste , price, and quality.

  9. Chris Wilson

    Jus got this beauty this morning. Great taste ,smokes perfect. Best way to start the weekend

  10. William Harvey

    Oh god dayyyyamm!!! Fantastic!!! Total OG goodness!

  11. Zabrina


  12. Kim Foster

    Smells sooo good. Smoking a joint of this as I’m writing. Just relax and feel the effects.
    Thanks Budem another perfect strain

  13. Bekah sutherland

    All around good bud. One of the first things I ordered and wasn’t disappointed. Definitely recommend trying.

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