Buy Humboldt OG AAA
Buy Humboldt OG AAA
Buy Humboldt OG AAA

Humboldt OG (AAA)

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Humboldt hits smokers right away with its powerful sativa effects. Not long after consumers have savored its pleasant smoke — and maybe even before exhaling it — Humboldt puts a concerted pressure on the temples and around the eyes. It also launches the smoker’s thoughts into a fast-paced analytical headspace that can spark a chain of free association. This sort of foods can aid concentration on complicated analytical tasks. It can also help to relieve the tedium of chores like cleaning the house or running errands. While the uninitiated may be caught off guard or disoriented by these fast-paced effects, those who are able to adjust can settle into its easygoing euphoria. Humboldt can be fun to share in social situations, facilitating easy conversation and camaraderie when shared with like-minded friends. As time passes or as the dosage is increased, Humboldt indica side begins to emerge, sending waves of tingly relaxation down the spine and outward through the core and limbs. While not necessarily couch-locking, this subtle body high can certainly kill any prior motivation; as such, those trying to use this strain for productive purposes should plan accordingly. Humboldt’s mostly energetic properties make it appropriate for use anytime between late morning and early afternoon.

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