buy kashmir kush online
buy kashmir kush online
buy kashmir kush online
buy kashmir kush online
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Kashmir Kush – $109 Ounce Deal


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Kashmir Kush is one of those strains that can be pretty different from person to person depending on your unique tolerance. Some find that she infuses a sensation of energy and social behavior right from the start, thus making your mind happy and your body spry. Others prefer to indulge in the later portions of the day and even into the evening, as this bud can bring on rather strong sedative feelings. Unfortunately, evenly balanced hybrids tend to have this type of effect, so we’d recommend experimenting with her a bit.

With strong THC potency and the best of both sativa and indica genetics, Kashmir Kush is often a top choice of medical cannabis users. If you do tend to become relaxed during your high, she’ll be a great partner in battling insomnia, and no matter how you react to this strain, you’ll find that physical pain goes right out the window. Mental concerns including anxiety and depression are also soothed rather quickly, as Kasmir Kush brings on a sensation of euphoria to all.


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Ounce, Half Pound

3 reviews for Kashmir Kush – $109 Ounce Deal

  1. Clinton.B

    Hoping to run into this exquisite strain again. Yep, it’s that good especially on the exhale, it’s the distinct flavor this strain gives out. On a class of it’s own.

  2. Natasha Clark

    The smell of Kashmir is absolutely out of this world. Beautiful mix of fruit and hash!

  3. Kevin

    This is a very intense high but a relaxing one, once you lay down ( if you aren’t already) you’ll really feel it come on great body high a little more focused in the head area, buds are very icy. The smell is very danky and lingers even after you’ve put it away. When you smoke out of a blunt it burns nice and smooth stays lit the flavor is almost fruity but you get almost this fuel taste as well I love all types of kush so this is right up there for me

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