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King Cake stands out with its unique flowers; though only small to medium in size, these buds are a colorful patchwork of mossy green and deep purple. The distinctive purple hues passed on from Grandaddy Purple, come about when cold weather stimulates the plants’ high concentrations of the pigment anthocyanin. The flowers adhere in a dense structure at the core, but the small leaves spiral outward at their margins in a fluffy-looking sativa fashion. Finally, sticky and cloudy trichomes cover all visible surfaces of the buds, giving them a slightly dewy sheen.

When properly cured, King Cake’s impressive flowers have a predominantly sweet aroma, with some saccharine notes like cotton candy. On a second whiff, some suggestions of tropical fruit like pineapple may emerge as well. Grinding up or picking apart these buds, meanwhile, gives off more of a peppery odor, paying testament to the Afghani indica landrace in this bud’s lineage. King Cake gives off a palpably sweet and easily ingested smoke when burnt; on the exhale, this smoke has a tangy, sour-sweet flavor.

King Cake can take some time before exerting its considerable effects. Some consumers may not even realize the strain is working until they notice some considerable changes in their thinking. Thoughts may jump from one to the next in odd categorical associations. Additionally, some obscure ideas — or even nearby objects — can hold a fascination that they might not otherwise have. For properly motivated consumers, this amped-up mental energy can result in productivity on complicated and detailed tasks. It may also spark some inspiration for those focused on more creative and open-ended projects. Alternatively, King Cake’s jolt of thoughtfulness can simply provide some background entertainment while you’re working on boring chores like dishes or laundry.

After some time, King Cake introduces its calming indica side. Any smokers who may have been out and about or physically active may find themselves rushing for the closest comfortable surface on which to stretch out. Waves of subtle relaxation can trickle down from the neck and radiate outward, possibly providing some distraction or a decrease in motivation. As such, in its later phases, the strain is best suited to passive activities like binge-watching and snacking. It also makes an excellent social and conversational lubricant, even in situations where you’re surrounded by new acquaintances.

King Cake’s multilayered effects can have some benefits for medical cannabis patients as well. Its tuned-in mental properties can enable concentration for those with attention deficit disorders while its mellow euphoria may boost mood for those suffering for mild to moderate stress and depression. Physically speaking, King Cake can dull aches and pains, whether they’re temporary, as due to injury, or chronic, as due to conditions like arthritis or lupus. The strain may even bring about the munchies, making it a viable appetite enhancement for those who struggle with diminished hunger. However, because its early cerebral nature can bring about a paranoid state of mind in the wrong circumstances, King Cake is not recommended for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance.


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  1. Bildozer

    Super dense nuggs and smokes really nice

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