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Lemon Diesel (AAAA)


THC 26% | CBD 0%


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Lemon Diesel gives off a heavy body high straight from the first puff. It begins with a cerebral rush that sends tingles throughout your body, and your skin will feel like a million goosebumps are rolling over you as your limbs completely relax. Your hands will feel suddenly light and your face won’t be able to help but smile. As your muscles release, your focus will do just the opposite. The energy kicks in quickly and you’ll feel highly motivated, but don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t super productive. This is more of an all over energy that leaves you feeling happy and thoughtful, but might not actually get you too far from the couch. Ultimately, Lemon Diesel is a great strain to get you moving for a short time, but expect a fairly steep come down.

Medically speaking, this strain is useful in a myriad of situations. Most prominently, this is a perfect strain for mental health issues such as depression, chronic stress, bipolar, and fatigue caused by restless sleep. Mild cases of nausea and migraines can be treated with slightly higher doses as well. As this can be a stimulating bud, Lemon Diesel is helpful in cases of lack of appetite, erectile dysfunction, or low libido. Depending on your tolerance, this strain can get overwhelming in excess, so those that suffer from extreme PTSD or anxiety should proceed with caution.

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2 reviews for Lemon Diesel (AAAA)

  1. Junior Salazar

    Lemon Diesel cannabis strain has a distinct lemon aroma and taste. This strain is good for night and evening time and provides uplifting cerebral euphoria. It energizes the mind, boosts creativity.

  2. albert camoo

    Great citrus smell and good sized tight buds. A nice, mellow smoke. Not sure it’s worth twice as much as an oz deal.

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