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Mataro Blue (AAA+) – Budget Buds


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THC 22% | CBD 0%

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The high from this strain takes hold almost immediately in the form of some initial disorientation and tightening around the temples. Users report feeling quickly energized and motivated, and being able to function with more clarity than confusion. As is characteristic of parent strain White Widow, White Russian has an intensely cerebral high that can lend itself to introspection, lateral thinking for problem solving, and creative inspiration. A sense of euphoria and emotional well-being can accompany this mental stimulation. Despite some indica in its genetics, this strain carries very little physical effects — although, as with any variety of cannabis, heavy consumption can lead to couchlock and drowsiness. White Russian’s powerful head high makes it effective in treating anxiety and depression. It is also particularly beneficial for users with attention deficit disorders. Red, dry eyes are a common side effect, a result of the high THC in this strain dilating blood vessels and capillaries controlling blood flow to the eyes. Because of its cerebral intensity, White Russian also has the potential to veer into paranoid or anxious territory; users should consider their individual tolerance as well as their mindset and setting before enjoying this strain. More likely to leave you wired than lazy, White Russian is definitely a strain to be enjoyed during the daytime.

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28 Grams, 4 Ounces, 8 Ounces, 1 Pound

4 reviews for Mataro Blue (AAA+) – Budget Buds

  1. chessnerd300

    got a gram in my welcome pack.this has a really big taste and smell.pleasant and very nice buzz

  2. darainharris

    Amazing high, it smelled and looks great. Would recommend to anyone.

  3. Ken

    good shit fucking amazing

  4. Daisy

    one of my favorite strain!!

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