1 ounce mystery weed budget buds
(24 customer reviews)

Mystery Weed 1 Ounce


Having trouble deciding on what strain to buy?  Or enjoy the element of surprise?  Let us choose for you!

Contains 28 grams of cannabis.

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24 reviews for Mystery Weed 1 Ounce

  1. mike r

    I’m pleasantly surprised. This is good weed. Well worth the money.

  2. jj t

    i like it. its good. no shake. thumbs up!

  3. Tracy

    Wow really happy and satisfied with product!

  4. George Y

    Surprisingly good. Lol
    No complaints

  5. Tayden B

    Pretty good. Good bang for buck

  6. Ashley Nielsen

    I love everything I got in my welcome box , thank you so much

  7. Serge Gallant

    I see some good revues I think I’m going to get some

  8. Emma Puddy

    Got purple kush every time… WHICH IS TOTALLY FINE BECAUSE IT WAS AMAZING! 11/10

  9. Bob Davies

    I bought this a few times and I can say it’s been good weed every time. Got purple kush last week it was good. The last ounce I got was pink kush. Super happy about that.

  10. Ricky Larsen

    Bought mystery weed twice now and I feel it deserves a good review. I’m happy with this and will recommend it to friends.

  11. Jarred C

    Wow really worth it! I got YVR Kush which is normally 200$?? wtf?!

  12. Tommy Hoang


  13. Kayla Mackenzie

    Not bad, got Antidote on my first buy. Normally way more? Thank you BUDEM! Told all my friends about this!

  14. victor graham

    I was pretty shocked to get some deccent buds. Got zombie, but more of a sativa smoker tbh

  15. Taylor Li

    Highly recommend this buy. Thanks!

  16. Joanna Pipernik

    Was really surprised to be honest. I got Pink Kush on this sale. Amazing?!

  17. Charlie Quiros

    Got pink Kush, sweet deal!

  18. Danny Foster

    Can’t go wrong. Always great smoke.

  19. Jessie Barnes

    Good bud an fun to get new kinds

  20. ol’smokey

    I bought 2, both were different and both were very decent. At regular price this is street competitive, on sale beats my old go to’s.

    One was GSC and the other Island Pink. Both were crystals and well cured, nice aroma and excellent flavor. The island pink is the better I think, thick, slow burn and flavor sticks to the tongue.

    Definitely reccomend.

  21. Tracey Paul

    I got Zombie OG Very nice. smells wonderful.

  22. joelmathers

    Awsome deal. Got white Widow and Animal Cookies

  23. Bildozer

    Ya baby!!! Purple chemo !!!!! Just ordered another because of the flash sale and I can’t wait to see what they chosen for me… Big daddy purple??? I like purple!

  24. dgiovann29

    …at first i was afraid(no i’m not breaking out in “i will survive”)…..to roll the dice on the mystery bag,,,but temptation and incentive gave me courage to take the plunge…needless to say….budem i concur with your selection…thanks so much

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