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Pink Death Star (AAA+)


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THC 26% | CBD 0%

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Pink Death is marked by large, conical flowers that taper from a wide base at the stem into a narrow, pointed top. The leaves themselves are a bright shade of spring green with dark green patches and are threaded through with burnt orange pistils. Leaves frequently also show vibrant flashes of purple, ranging from lavender to violet. These hues come about when pigments called anthocyanins are stimulated by colder than average temperatures during the growing process. Amber trichomes are the crowning glory on these colorful buds, giving them a slightly yellow sheen. These are also particularly resinous flowers — handling them will leaves fingers sticky and fragrant.

Pink Death can be described as a creeper, often taking several minutes after smokers have savored its rich flavor before its heavy effects set in. Users may initially detect a heaviness in the limbs and the sudden desire to sit down in the closest comfortable surroundings. Eventually they may find that muscular tension is eased and that deep breathing comes more easily. Although some mental effects can be observed, these manifest more as a cloudy, dreamy state than any kind of exacting cerebral energy. These slightly psychedelic effects make Pink Death Star a great way to enjoy low-key movies or music. As dosage is increased, smokers may become couch-locked and immobilized. Because of these sleepy vibes, Pink Death Star is better suited to nighttime than morning or daytime use.

This strain has several uses for medical cannabis patients as well. Its full-body stone can provide temporary relief from anxiety, depression, and even PTSD. It can also soothe aches and pains, while anti-inflammatory properties can take care of everyday annoyances like nausea. In high enough doses, Pink Death Star can be a good way to treat insomnia. Because of its relative lack of intense cerebral effects, Pink Death may be a good choice for those who are prone to insomnia or who have a low THC tolerance.

Although its name is intimidating, Pink Death Star is sure to ease you into a state of deep relaxation. It’s as enjoyable for solo use as it is when shared with good friends.

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14 reviews for Pink Death Star (AAA+)

  1. George Bernstein

    Great strain, kept me relaxed and took away my shoulder pain. Will be buying again.

  2. Giuseppe izzo

    Burn nice , good strain. A little dry, definitely worth a try.

  3. Chad Wilson

    Got this for my girl’s birthday, she was really happy. Some good bud

  4. Brian Stewart

    Got my delivery in 2 days and this is quality bud. No complaints here

  5. w doonanco

    got a gram of this with the welcome package and its pretty decent stuff

  6. angbro1969

    I got this as one of the free grams with my order. It helped relax me and helped with my hip and back pain. Overall was a great strain. Thk u.

  7. Ben Pioger

    Bud are way nicer than the pics…kushy taste nice high will recommend

  8. dominionhennig

    Very great “end of the night” Indica, has an amazing taste and burn to it as well! Has a very floral and kushy smell to it.

  9. dgiovann29

    got a gram as a free gift…tasty…..

  10. taramatthews411

    Got a gram of this with my welcome bundle, Really enjoyed it! Keeping my eye out for a sale. This strain made my wish list.

  11. Jim

    First time trying this strain and I fell in love!

  12. bdh86aby

    perfect! great taste strong high clean ash! beautiful. everything through budem always on time or early and very professional customer service.

  13. Bildozer

    Nice and dank. A pinner is all I needed. Got it for my free gift, just said pink death, so I assume that this is that, the those these things

  14. shylbruneau

    Excellent weed i recommend it!

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