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Acrylic Grinder


Made from durable plastic, measuring in at 3″ in diameter, including a 2 piece system, sharp teeth, and coming in a variety of assorted colors, this large grinder is a classic staple to finely granulate your dry herb.

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10 reviews for Acrylic Grinder

  1. Rg Dan

    These grinders work perfect. Much better than metal grinders.

  2. Chico

    Nice grinder. Some things are best simple. Works great

  3. Stan H

    Works nicely. No complaints. I like the magnet it’s keeps it from coming apart.

  4. rogerclout

    received in promo gift basket. decent grinder but very basic and plastic

  5. Jerry

    It’s a grinder. It does it’s job. Works good. No complaints.

  6. Steven Jaskow

    What a great product! This simple little plastic grinder is just as good as some more expensive metal grinders I have used. Excellent value for the price.

  7. mtl.racer

    Works very well …… Does a very god job , better than my old grinder .

  8. Eaidin

    It’s a grinder ‍♂️

    It was free with my welcome package, so I cant complain too much.

  9. maloch

    This plastic blender works very well. I love their color scheme

  10. Elbana

    Good value, fun colors, can start to make a squeaking noise. Can get stuck occasionally, but at such a good price its worth it. Works well.

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