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Premium Pre Roll



  • Each joint is packed with 0.5 grams of cannabis
  • Premium cannabis



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To lazy to roll your doobies?  Let us do it for you!  Enjoy this case of professionally rolled joints, each containing 0.5 grams of premium cannabis.

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1 Preroll, 3 Prerolls, 5 Prerolls, 10 Prerolls, 20 Prerolls, 40 Prerolls

12 reviews for Premium Pre Roll

  1. Halley Sam

    These pre rolls are awesome. Saves me time. The quality is definitely high end. Killer deal too.

  2. Jennifer Collins

    Good price for nice quality. You can tell they used premium quality stuff. The Box is even high quality. That shows me they care about their products.
    I’m happy with this purchase.

  3. Mike Lock

    I buy these all the time. I thought I should leave a good review since it’s been consistently good. They didn’t cheap out on these. It’s good stuff for sure. Nice packaging. Fantastic price. Keeps me coming back

  4. Jerry Craig

    Nice quality. They definitely put care into these joints. I buy them regularly. Smokes great. And I love the box.

  5. chewywookie

    Hey it was great stuff n price was good but they gave me a different strain then advertised it said wedding cake n i got gorilla glue #4

  6. dgiovann29

    pretty sure i got one of these as a free gift..though im unsure of the specific strain… worked…….

  7. coupe1947

    Good quality decent price can’t go wrong

  8. Anna Danko

    The Tom Ford pre-rolls knocked me on my butt is was such a great high. Phenomenal price at half off; I really appreciate a good deal from Budem. One downside: so easy to smoke pre-rolls fast – like 10 in less then 24 hours… if only I could space them out – but by smoking one, I’m too spaced out to quit. Absolutely try these, outstanding product.

  9. Doris Slipperjack

    these are the deadliest pre rolls I have ever smoked…budem is the best for deals and always has quality product…❤

  10. coupe1947

    Great deal for us lazy folk

  11. phill.bardy

    the Tom Ford was killer hope to see you all soon with another order

  12. Matthieu Wilson

    So practical and so good

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