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If you’re someone that’s not well-versed in the physiology of cannabis, this strain’s beauty might get lost on you. These oversized, fluffy-yet-dense buds are wonderful shades of violet and purple with a few mint-green undertones that pop out from the inside of the flower. The buds are coated in a thick layer of resin and amber-trichomes which give them a sticky gold appearance.

These buds produce a pungent aroma that combines that classic diesel aroma with harsh chemicals, fresh berries, and some musty earth undertones. The flavor is similar, although much of the harshness is lost in the combustion, leaving a sweet and spicy flavor with a slightly earthy-wood exhale.

Purple Glue combines the best of the effects provided by both of its parent strains. The high begins with a slightly tingling sensation that builds at the back of the neck and quickly spreads throughout your headspace. With a rush of energy, you might find yourself feeling uplifted and creative for a short period of time. This sensation erases any negative thoughts or bad memories and replaces them with a strong stone that will have a dumb grin on your face that spreads from ear to ear.

6 reviews for Purple Glue – $99 Ounce Deal

  1. jondps4


  2. stephan

    smokes like a sativa

  3. coupe1947

    Nice looking buds great high

  4. cynthia_desrochers

    Very good smoke !!!!! I recommend 🙂

  5. cumberlandbluesvp

    This is a new go-to strain, love the taste!

  6. michaelrondeau11

    Great deal! It smells earthy and gives a nice relaxing buzz. Budz are compact and of average size. Definitely worth it.

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