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“New users may get their first hint at potency with a name like Rocket Fuel, and it’s our recommendation that with a high of 29% THC, anyone who hasn’t been smoking for a while should steer clear. Nugs are pretty large and sticky, featuring a dark olive color that’s offset by shiny white trichomes. Overall, an interesting blend of sweet and spicy await you here, with an herbal candy flavor as you exhale. Aromas tend to be a bit earthier and feature a hint of diesel.

As you would guess, the high you experience on Rocket Fuel takes you up into the clouds in no time at all. You’ll literally feel as if you’re flying in outer space with a euphoric state of mind that’s completely unfocused yet somehow still creative. For a moment it will seem as if this blast to the outer reaches of the universe will never end, but slowly you’ll begin to come down into a state of total relaxation. Everything that goes up must come down, so expect to get severely couch locked and prepare to wake up the next morning wondering what the hell happened.

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