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Pink Candy strain

THC 24% | CBD 0%


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Naturally, a strain with the word “rockstar” in it would have been conceived from a three-way, right? Unknown breeders gathered together Master Kush, Sensi Star, and Afghani to develop an intensely indica-dominant strain. Rockstar Master Kush will help you to have the perfect night, but instead of trashing hotel rooms, you’ll be relaxed and completely at ease.

A very gentle strain by all accounts, this bud tops out at 15% THC and often carries 1% CBD along with her. Fairly average looking nugs await you with a dull green shade, brownish hairs, and just a light amount of trichome coverage. Savory by nature with a bit of a cooling effect, users are able to pick out notes of earth and pine as they smoke with just a hint of mint on the exhale.

Some strains that are so heavily indica-based often nail you to the floor without a moment’s notice and force you to cancel any plans you had for the rest of the night, but Rockstar Master Kush goes about things a little bit differently. You’ll notice her physical effects kicking in right away with a soft warming sensation, and once you’re a bit more relaxed, your mind starts to drift. Happiness knows no bounds here, and before you fade off into a peaceful slumber, consider satiating your munchies with a snack from the kitchen.

Ideal for medical users who are looking for relief without getting knocked out, Rockstar Master Kush can assist with both physical and mental concerns. Often times issues like stress and depression can keep you awake for hours, yet this strain calms even the most racing of minds. Chronic pain, inflammation, and temporary issues will also be taken down quite a few pegs, and if you tend to have problems with insomnia, a few tokes might just do the trick. Don’t count on noticing her CBD presence, however, as this can be hit and miss depending on the batch you end up with.

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1 review for ROCKSTAR KUSH (AAA+)

  1. Rhyley Workman

    Rockstar kush is now my favorite strain! Budem has a strong at 24% THC. It does have heavy couch lock and heavy munchies but tastes and smells amazing. The high is strong and lasts for a long time. Indica lovers need to try this awesome bud, Rockstar kush is a top shelf strain.

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