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The name Cali Kush (or California Kush) describes at least two distinct strains in wide circulation — and ironically, neither was produced in California.  One is a balanced pure indica created by the Netherlands-based company Sumo Seeds. The other is an indica-leaning hybrid bred by Anesia Seeds from Spain.

Sumo Seeds’ indica Cali Kush is a cross between award-winning Mendocino Purps and staple indica LA Confidential. It has small to medium-sized buds that appear mostly spherical with a tight and dense bud structure. The pale green leaves are streaked with shades of blue and purple which come about when high concentrations of pigments in the plant (likely passed on from the Purps parent strain) are stimulated by cold temperatures during cultivation. Cured flowers of this Cali Kush have a mostly floral, herbal scents with some hints of mint. Smoke is smooth and has a fruity aftertaste.

This strain has a well-rounded high despite its entirely indica genetics. Users may have initial feelings of thoughtfulness and sharpened perception. Instead of disorienting cerebral mindrace, though, smokers will experience a progressive physical relaxation to ground their thoughtfulness and bring them back down to earth. Cali Kush can serve as an accompaniment to socializing in familiar surroundings or unwinding alone. It has medical application as a means of temporary stress and anxiety relief. Its lucidity and focus can help those with attention deficit disorder to focus on a single task. It can also soothe aching joints and muscles and, in high enough doses, lull those with insomnia to sleep. Sumo Seeds’ creation is suited to use at any time of day.

8 reviews for Cali Kush – $49 Half Ounce Deal

  1. Antoine

    Love these guys, I’m never disappointed.

  2. Jimmy the spliff

    Really nice smoke not harsh. Nice effects and great for working.

  3. Tyler MacDonald

    Smells and looks beautiful long lasting high really stoney highly recommend

  4. D

    This is amazing weed and an even more amazing price!

  5. Kevin

    Always good stuff

  6. dgiovann29

    …..good day kush….good all round……success…..

  7. Jennyfur

    This is to date in my top 5 strains. I will definitely buy this strain again! Great any time of the day strain. It gave me a great combo of body and mind stone! I shared some with my friend, who is a craft grower herself, and she LOVED it!

  8. [email protected]

    always fair price

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