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Super Shake


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Our Super Shake is derived from our designer and craft growers.  Strains in this shake contain Wedding Cake and Tom Ford.


  • Bud
  • Lots of Kief
  • Leaf

Recommended uses:

  • Smoking
  • Cooking
  • Making Concentrates
  • Sifting


  • 1 Ounce $59.99
  • 4 Ounces $219.99
  • 8 Ounces $419.99
  • 1 Pound $799.99

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1 Ounce $59.99, 4 Ounces $219.99, 8 Ounces $419.99, 1 Pound $799.99

56 reviews for Super Shake

  1. Stan H

    Wow this shake is so nice. Very happy with it. Smokes like good quality weed. Saved a bunch of $

  2. Johnny Y

    This is basically the same thing as good weed. I’m impressed and will be buying more.

  3. Gill R

    This is the best shake I’ve ever tried. It feels just like I’m smoking really good weed. It’s smooth, strong, and very caked.

  4. Anna H

    Super nice! Love it

  5. Nicole M

    Best shake I have ever tried. Can’t believe how good it really is. My friends and I can’t even tell it’s shake. It just smokes like really nice weed. Tastes great!

  6. Jimmy S

    Holy smokes this is incredibly good shake. Shipped fast. I’m from Calgary. I bought a pound and it arrived in 1 day. Gave a bunch to my friends and they all said it’s really good smoke. Tastes super nice. And strong kick. Tons of sugar on it. The first thing u notice is all that sugar and colour is very nice and vibrant green. Smooth and good strength. Love it!

  7. Tiffany B

    Great customer service. Very helpful and responded quickly to my request for sending it to my fiance’s Farm. Shipping was fast. And quality is very good on all their products. This shake is very nice. The best shake I have ever tried. My fiancé is very picky with his weed and he really like smoking this shake. We both enjoyed it very much. The welcome package is a crazy deal. Overall I’m very happy with this company. Will be recommending to all my friends.

  8. Carl K

    This must be the worlds best shake. It’s better than some of the flowers I smoke. No joke.

  9. Warren D

    Best shake ever. It’s just like smoking super nice weed. Worth every penny.

  10. Pete G

    Amazing stuff here. Very nice quality. Tons of thc and great smoke.

  11. Brady M

    I’m very happy to have discovered this super shake. It’s the best stuff and best value I have found anywhere. Excellent !!!

  12. Kieth B

    This super shake is awesome! I told all my friends about it and they’ve all been buying it and love it. Great quality.

  13. Wendy H

    Tastes so good. Smokes so smooth. Very strong kick. Gets me super high and feeling good about my purchase.

  14. Bryan H

    Wow this super shake is crazy. It’s sooooo good. Best shake ever. Smokes exactly like high quality bud. Good bang for buck.

  15. Jayden P


  16. Tony R

    This super shake is amazing

  17. Tia

    Super good!

  18. Dave G

    Omg. This super shake is unreal. Its amazing!

  19. Gavin O

    Yo this super shake is killer.

  20. Jesse

    King of shake right here. This stuff is insane.

  21. JJ

    Customer service is outstanding with this company. This shake is really good. Shipping was fast. I like it.

  22. Kelly D

    I love this super shake. Crazy good. Smokes real nice

  23. Brad M

    This stuff is nuts. So caked. Very good

  24. Rex

    Great stuff

  25. Andrea D

    Shipped super fast smells so good and it’s really smooth I will be buying again!

  26. Jeremiah Hofer

    Very good value.

  27. schmidt62rns

    Exactly what I needed, best for the budget conscious. This item beat anything I bought from a walk in. Smooth intake good lift. I’ll repeat

  28. chessnerd300

    Got an 8th as a gift from you guys.Thanks.Lots of kief , even in that little bit.Was a pleasant smoke.A little on the dry side but yummy in a pipe.

  29. Aaron Chan

    This super shake is insane

  30. Graham

    This is the best shake I’ve ever tried. Lots of kief. Real nice quality. Smokes very good.

  31. mntgal70

    The Shake is a great price and good smoke 2 thumbs up!!

  32. Ashley Norman

    Very good shake and the high last awhile without causing munchies lol. I will order again for sure.

  33. rogerclout

    Shake? Not like any shake ive had before. More like busted up awesomeness! couldnt be happier smoke it, bake it, its all !

  34. larrydoiron

    Nice smooth smoke.great price.I will buy again.

  35. Matthieu Wilson

    Da best shake ever , Worth every penny

  36. Joe snow

    Found this supershake to be super good for smoking.

  37. It’s just Me

    Ordered Friday In my mail box Monday – Ottawa
    A few sticks it is shake. Rolled one up. BAM….
    Taste is good not harsh no coughing for me
    Long lasting feeling showing a decent grade smoke. You cannot go wrong here for the price.
    Will do it again when I need my next order

  38. Rta3

    Bought 4 ounces of this. Very happy with the quality. Smokes like great weed. The should call this super duper shake. Yeehaw

  39. schmidt62rns

    Repeat. My go to now. Awesome deal. Better than anything in my area. Lots of little jewels and fine powder, love it.

  40. kmballantyne3

    Holyyyyy. Never seen shake this good. And for 60$ it’s worth it. Literally just wedding cake and Tom Ford. Two my favs. Uber high rn

  41. ranjohn37

    I agree with all the the 5 star reviews. Really good!!

  42. james scapillato

    great product smoke great good high

  43. CarlB_gta

    Money well spent here. Worth every penny. Super shake lives up to the name. It’s definitely super. 5 stars well deserved. It got me so high and super horny.

  44. tiguy

    oui tres bon suis satisfait du produit..yea realy good ..good taste and good fealing

  45. Glen Dickson

    This shake is awesome! I love it. I’m so happy my co worker recommended this site to me. Many goodies here for good prices.

  46. schmidt62rns

    Third time repeat, first item in the cart all the time. Good smoke got some nice nugs.

  47. Mitchel Lalonde

    Just got an oz to my place today really good quality, made some nice hash with it

  48. Greg Walkins

    The best shake. Keeps me coming back

  49. Kay Gee

    Holy cow, this stuff is friggin awesome!! Potent smoke, lots of popcorn nugs, plenty of keif.. it’s got everything you could ask for!! I’m gonna make sure to keep a good constant stock, cause this is too good to be true!!

  50. leannemartens11

    Excellent stuff! Just as good as any bud and lots of buds in it! Came the next day☺️ Very happy and will purchase again!

  51. smokin rolla

    What I got is really a mixed bag.

    It does not smell great – mostly like hay.

    Lots of stems and twigs (some quite big and thick)

    However, I noticed a good amount of popcorn nugs and they’re very crystally.

    I think this is a pretty good bang for your buck so worth purchasing depending on your needs

  52. Vee

    First time trying shake, I was kind of taken aback by the way it was shipped, in a used ziploc baggie. It smelled like cooking herbs, so I was a bit skeptical. I vaped it straight up no mix, and it was actually better than a few strains that I have tried! I will be buying this on going and use it as a filler to make my quality herb last longer.
    to sum it up:
    Lots of stems
    A few nice buds
    Not scented like actual herb
    Price is right!

  53. ol’smokey

    I did review this already, but it didn’t go through. And to be honest I was little harsh.

    After smoking more and going through it, I’d say the price is actually pretty good. I dont think it direct replacement for good bud for me, but for blunts and making your own oil it’s a good product.

    I will buy this again, when previously I thought I would not.

  54. dgiovann29

    Decent filler for the price, though i wouldnt like to have it by itself for smoking…..stick to the buds i think…had to check it at least….

  55. sunnygabriel288

    Just arrived today rolled a 1gram joint and just smoked …AMAZING!!!…lots of popcorn nugs and shake that can be used for edibles or filler for Joints and bowls, really for the money you cannot go wrong , smokes like good quality weed. Im going to use this as smoking and filler, will purchase again.

  56. Bailey P

    So I ordered two ounces of this stuff and these assholes send me one ounce labeled at two as if I wouldn’t notice half the weed missin

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