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Tangerine – $109 Ounce Deal


THC 19% | CBD 0%

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What has been determined is that Tangerine’s THC level can rise as high as 18%, although an average testing range is not publicized. Users instead focus on this strain’s insane smell and flavor profile, that will make you think you’ve been transported to the citrus groves of Florida. Orange, mango, and pineapple fragrances all blend together for a scent that will make your mouth water, and these same tastes will stick around long after you exhale. Nugs of Tangerine are bright green and boast an intensely thick layer of sandy trichomes.

Tangerine is a great daytime choice for new or experienced users, as you’ll enjoy a plethora of effects that all leave you fully functional. Initially a head high will result in strong feelings of happiness and incredible amounts of energy. While this can sometimes make people feel jittery or experience anxiety, your high will be smooth and enjoyable. As you shift into the indica effects, your body will become more relaxed without any sense of sleepiness.

Boasting a rather high CBD amount of 2%, Tangerine is a medical patient’s dream come true. Since it’s great for any time of day, try using it to relieve stress at the office or as a daily smoke to get through a depressing stretch of life – we all have them. Those with chronic body pain, inflammation, or migraines will appreciate the way that this strain takes the edge off and can make you more functional. Some patients find that the relaxing benefits of its indica side can help them achieve a great night of sleep as well.

2 reviews for Tangerine – $109 Ounce Deal

  1. Brian Campbell

    Very nice sensimile kief included. You can taste the lushness of the ecosystem it was grown in. Unlike dessert weed this strain is full of life. Just as described the lemon grapefruit orange pollen makes this a very citrus flavour. No pine British Columbia flavour. Just nice. Thanks

  2. Kelsey watchmaker35-53

    This was a hell of deal thc all over dont look like 19 percent looks mor like 25 ish Nd it reallly tasted like oranges

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