Tyson Farm - Deadly MKU (AAAA)
Tyson Farm - Deadly MKU (AAAA)
Tyson Farm - Deadly MKU (AAAA)
Tyson Farm - Deadly MKU (AAAA)
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Tyson Farm – Deadly MKU (AAAA)



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MK Ultra plants are short, reaching heights of 100 – 120cm. It has sticky, dense and pungent flowers with tight, resin coated buds which are extremely sticky and almost white. Its scent is a bit strange – it resembles burnt plastic mixed with lemon and diesel. However, there is nothing strange about its taste – a long lasting piney, earthy sweet with a hint of mustiness. The smoke of this strain is very smooth.

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This powerful strain is considered to be one of the most powerful Indicas in the world. Its hypnotic cerebral effects hit almost immediately. Smoking this strain causes the eyelids to become very heavy and droop, thus making MK Ultra perfect for patients suffering from insomnia. It induces a heavy couch lock, which makes it suitable to combat stress as well.

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3 reviews for Tyson Farm – Deadly MKU (AAAA)

  1. Hezonja

    One of my original top favorites. Absolutely love this for its uplifting high

  2. Jefferson

    This is a decent strain. I have anxiety and depression, so it helps lift my mood, but it increases my anxiety at the same time.

  3. JimmyWood

    Amazing Strain. Makes you feel incredibly euphoric and happy. Highly recommend.

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