Tyson Farm - Holy Grail Kush (AAAA+)
Tyson Farm - Holy Grail Kush (AAAA+)
Tyson Farm - Holy Grail Kush (AAAA+)
Tyson Farm - Holy Grail Kush (AAAA+)
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Tyson Farm – Holy Grail Kush (AAA+)


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Holy Grail Kush, as the name suggests, is DNA Genetics Indica-dominant masterpiece that took top prize in the High Times Cannabis Cup of 2011 in the Hybrid category. It is said that Holy Grail Kush, also referred to as Holy Grail OG, is the first strain to receive a perfect score in the category. The strain inherits a thick piney and citrus aroma and taste from its father, “The OG #18”. Its maternal strain is Kosher Kush, a strain that produces a myriad of effects in both mind and body that can be calming and uplifting.

This strain can be very effective medication because it has over 20% THC and as much as 4% CBD. Its effects begin with calming of stress and anxiety. Holy Grail Kush may also be used to calm nausea, soothe aches, stimulate appetite, and stabilize moods.


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6 reviews for Tyson Farm – Holy Grail Kush (AAA+)

  1. Sheppard

    Very heady, tingly awake high. Good for playing video games.

  2. Bigland

    Happy, jolly, creative and motivating…. but if u stop and get to comfortable u will be out like a light. Oh also FYI does have a bit of a creepier affect

  3. BrandRichard

    All time classic with nice taste and smell and super frosty buds when you can get the “real” Star Master.

  4. IsaiahThomas

    It’s a very nice strain to get a enjoyable high that will get you into a very nice mood. One thing though is I get very dizzy from this strain just a little heads up

  5. Loveweed

    One of my favorite strains. It’s tricky for some hybrids to get you in a great place… smoking this makes my stress melt away and my mood uplift instantly

  6. NiangGeorges

    Takes a while and then sneaks up. Two pea sized nugs in the bowl. Happy and very thought-focused head trip to start. Waves of altered time perception. After 1/2 hour, realized my face was getting sore from intense smiling. Excellent.

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