Vape Bundle – VMOD Battery + 3 Cartridges


Select 3 flavor cartridges (0.5ml)

Comes with 1 VMOD Battery

(Please leave color requests in customer notes)

  • lit vapes green crack
    Lit Vapes – Green Crack
  • lit vapes sour diesel
    Lit Vapes – Sour Diesel
  • lit vapes pineapple kush
    Lit Vapes - Pineapple Kush
  • lit vapes banana kush
    Lit Vapes - Banana Kush
  • lit vapes girl scout cookies
    Lit Vapes - Girl Scout Cookies
  • lit vapes cherry pie
    Lit Vapes - Cherry Pie
  • lit vapes gorilla glue
    Lit Vapes - Gorilla Glue
  • lit vapes death bubba
    Lit Vapes - Death Bubba
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