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Wedding Cake (AAAA)



THC 26% | CBD 0%

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  • 7 Grams $64.99
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  • 28 Grams $219.99
  • 4 Ounces $699.99
  • 8 Ounces $1349.99
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Wedding Cake is distinguished by its very large and colorful flowers. The chunky, globular nuggets adhere in a dense, indica-typical bud structure, with tightly curling leaves. The leaves themselves are an earthy green to brown. They are threaded through with orange hairs, which are actually pistils, meant to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants. A high concentration of trichomes gives this strain its high THC levels as well as an incredibly sticky texture. Wedding Cake’s buds are as aromatically striking as they are visually impressive. When properly cured, they smell vegetal: damp and mossy with just a hint of citrus. Hanging out underneath is a skunky funk that betrays the influence of grandparent strain OG Kush, while breaking up or grinding the buds gives off notes of spicy sandalwood. When combusted, Wedding Cake may be harsh, stinging smokers’ sinuses or throats with its acrid smoke. It tastes sweet and rich on the exhale, with a super subtle creamy mouthfeel that some might compare to the taste of might compare to cake.

This strain’s high starts relatively quickly, taking hold primarily in the head. Users may find their thoughts to be more fast-paced or intense, and may perceive their surroundings more acutely. In the right set and setting, this change in thinking is accompanied by feelings of giddiness or euphoria. Less than an hour into the high, Wedding Cake’s indica side kicks in. Smokers might feel increased warmth and a pleasant heaviness that spreads through the spine and limbs. Even in the midst of this sedation, though, cerebral stimulation continues, allowing users to feel uniquely “tuned in” to their surroundings. This holistic combination of mental and physical effects lends itself to complex activities like creating art, exercising, and even sex. As the high progresses, so does this strain’s body high — after a few bowls, smokers may find themselves couchlocked.

Wedding Cake may also be of use to medical cannabis patients. Its tendency to bring about feelings of perceptiveness can aid those with mild to moderate stress, anxiety, and depression, helping them feel more “in the moment.” Because this strain leaves users lucid and levelheaded, it can also help those with attention deficit disorders to focus on specific tasks. Wedding Cake’s gradual waves of physical relaxation can soothe both temporary and chronic aches and pains and, in high enough doses, can bring about relief for insomnia. Finally, it can be a potent appetite stimulant for those who have lost their hunger to disease, medication, or chemotherapy.

While some married couples indulge in a piece of their frozen wedding cake on a first anniversary, a few tokes of Wedding Cake would be just as satisfying. Rich and relaxing, it can stoke emotion and passion — and fortunately, it’s not such a knockout that it’ll prevent you from enjoying a little bit of intimacy.

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3.5 Grams $31.99, 7 Grams $64.99, 14 Grams $119.99, 28 Grams $219.99, 4 Ounces $699.99, 8 Ounces $1349.99, 1 Pound $2399.99

9 reviews for Wedding Cake (AAAA)

  1. Chad Wilson

    This is fire!!! Only grab 7 grams but definitely coming back for more. What a great smoke, thanks guys

  2. w doonanco

    got a gram of this with the welcome package and its really good, i like this one a lot

  3. john dales

    very strong and costly but worth it would buy again as a treat wedding cake

  4. Ben Pioger

    Very good bud nice aroma good looking and burning slow love it

  5. Kimberley Riley

    Surprisingly, the Wedding Cake strain doesn’t really taste like wedding cake, but rather earth like and sour. Only towards the end do you get a slight hint of sugary sweetness. But despite its deceiving name, the Wedding Cake strain is super potent, with THC levels around 27%, and can induce a calming and happy high that uplifts and rejuvenates. It can also help with nerves pains of all sorts.

  6. albert camoo

    This one hit me pretty hard when I smoked a quarter gram tester, and I am a daily smoker. A nice heady high with a background body buzz. I did not find it acrid or stingy at all. It was actually a smooth smoke if not particularly distinct in flavour. The buds are medium to large and wonderfully cured. Full marks to budem! Five stars for packaging, swiftness of delivery and overall professionalism. (And thanks, also, to Canada Post for continuing to deliver our necessities in these trying times.)

  7. Thanna Kurooparan

    Wedding cake is one of the best bud they sell on this site. Very happy and satisfied with this and many other products from this site.

  8. Jennifer Froese

    I am a daily smoker and this is my favourite strain ) second only to Harlequin) go to weed whenever I have a headache, sore tummy, or just want to feel great!

  9. Beverly Webb

    A solid strain for indica lovers. A must for a late night trip with this strain. Heavily sedating, prepare all your snacks and couch situation before starting 🙂 Speedy service, order shipped out same day

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