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Welcome Package ($100 value)


Only available for first time buyers.

Package contains:

  • 4 Random Pemium strains – 1 gram each
  • 1 Bud Edibles variety pack candy – 250 mg THC
  • 1 King Kone twax blunt
  • 1 Raw filter tips
  • 1 Raw rolling papers
  • 1 Acrylic Weed Grinder
  • 1 Bic Lighter


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79 reviews for Welcome Package ($100 value)

  1. Derek Felix

    Thanks for a great deal!

  2. trinitylyons2018

    They are very helpful when you have questions about the kind of flower to get for ADHD and what is the best bang for you buck.

  3. Don Jenner

    This is a killer deal. Thanks so much Budem. You guys have an amazing team. Everyone was so helpful. I’ll be sticking here. Keep up the good work!

  4. Harold G

    I’m very happy with this package. Great value and the quality is amazing. The weed is all premium and smokes great. The King Kone is awesome. And candy is good too. Grinder works great and they even included rolling paper. I’m speechless. All for $30 bucks. Excellent stuff !

  5. Jan Poplar

    This package is a steal. I’m very pleased with the quality and price is so good. Very fast shipping. Ordered Wednesday and got it on Friday. The customer service is top notch. I’ll be referring my friends here.

  6. Frankie Terrance

    Awesome package. Such a good deal. Shipping was quick.

  7. Frankie Terrance

    Awesome deal. Shipping was quick.

  8. Randy H

    Shipped so fast. Comes with really good products. It’s a good price.

  9. Peter Riess

    Wow what a great welcome package fast shipping on all my items thank you so much peace

  10. Serge

    This is a awseome site awesome deals

  11. theeesixxx

    the online help has been amazing thank you so much !

  12. Brandon Guzman

    Best deal , shipping super fast love it!

  13. Mark

    Wow great offer

  14. Mark Baker


  15. Linda Scott

    Amazing fast and best deals on line yet thanks Budem you have a long time customer now 100%

  16. Stephane Rivet

    best value ever

  17. Stephane Rivet

    High quality candy the 4 gram is very nice

  18. leesample225

    Loved the welcome pk. The candy was amazing only gave my hubby 1 hes lucky he got that. The kone was dope took 2 days to smoke it. Thanks budum

  19. Ashley Norman

    Awesome Welcome package. It makes you feel appreciate as a customer from the get go. I absolutely think it’s wonderful that you also have a reward program. I recommend this site to all my weed smoking family and friends.

  20. ranjohn37

    The Welcome package is so nice for the price and the customer service is sure to bring the customers back again and again. 100% happy experience

  21. Joanne Fougere

    First time.

  22. Joanne Fougere


  23. mattockk

    Great price to try a little bit of everything

  24. Tortue

    Cool pack

  25. chessnerd300

    felt like christmas.would make a great gift.

  26. narlymarly10

    Great Deal!! Really shouldn’t pass this up if your ordering for your first time!!! Made me feel very Welcome 🙂

  27. Aaron Johnson

    Yes sir

  28. mntgal70

    Awesome deal definitely should purchase if your a new customer.

  29. checometer

    Very nice, definitely worth the money!

  30. rogerclout

    excellent! couldnt be happier with my order.Across country in 2 days! very high quality products! nicely package, no smell until you open then bam in your face!

  31. Matthieu Wilson

    A beautiful Xmas stocking for any pot head. Beautiful products

  32. mackenziesmith

    Such an amazing deal, I love this website so much. It only took two days to get to Ontario.

  33. Musa Mohammad

    its worth every penny and the pre roll is great

  34. amanda.caralynn

    Is there any other place out there with such awesome deals and incentives? If there is, I haven’t found it! Plus the customer service and quality on every order is perfection. I can honestly say I do not have a single complaint about ordering from this site! The welcome package drew me in, the prices kept me coming back, and the fantastic customer service has kept me a loyal customer for months now!

  35. Joanne Murphy

    Very very happy with everything I got so far thank you

  36. jbuck85

    Fast delivery and was quite impressed with the package. Get way to try what they have…..
    Definitely ordering from Budem again…

  37. lkronish

    Awsome place to deal with ordered Friday had it Monday

  38. Elliott Williamson

    I found no need for a plastic grinder or the papers BUT the package is well worth its value with the 4 grams, edibles, and blunt. The other things are thrown in as an extra. Very happy with this deal, can’t find this anywhere else!

  39. Dave Markus

    Incredible deal. Worth every penny.

  40. Rayne Fisher

    Ordered this with an oz of master and some more edibles but I was by far most excited for this! Package came vacuum sealed with the rest of the order, and was in a nice little bag.

    I’m really pleased with the 4 surprise strains. I’ve never tried them before so I cannot wait to give it a test run. It’s overall an amazing deal and I will definitely be ordering from Budem again.

  41. Harrison Chafe

    The welcome package is awesome, you may not find a 20 or 30% discount on your first order but the $60 savings on this item makes up for it. All 4 grams were great, the kone was wicked, and the variety pack of candy are amazing, even got a pack of papers, tips and a grinder. Too bad your only allowed 1. 5 /5

  42. smokin rolla

    This is a fantastic deal.

    Incredible way to try out a variety of items.

    Very highly recommended

  43. Devin Smurf

    Awesome deal, we should have more little sample deals like this more often .
    Would love to see more randoms offers.
    Great to find out what you like.

    Thx Guys

  44. Original Ganja Baby

    Really a good buy for $40 although I didn’t need the paper and grinder, I was happy with the rest. It would be nice to have something ongoing for members, pre-sales, samples, monthly surprise boxes one price! etc. 🙂

    Thank you for this box, I loved it.

  45. Kimberley Riley

    I was AMAZED @ the quality of product I received for the amount of the Package. What a great way to welcome new customers, & I MUST say I WILL be returning.

  46. Deborah Gaudet

    I am utterly pleased and happy with my purchase. The welcome package was a steal and such a treat! I absolutely loved the gummies and getting 4 kinds of bud was fun. Everything was fresh and packed with care, delivered discreetly and quickly. I’ll be ordering again!

  47. EmpressD

    I loved this deal so much! Well worth the money, everything was great. I only wish this was available all the time or something like it. I’m a mixer though so this was PERFECT!!!

  48. dominionhennig

    Awesome deal!! This company deserves massive props, all the flower burns amazing, tastes great and floral and I think they chose the “Recently Viewed” to pick out the strains(genius). The king Kong kief blunt was insane, got me and four friends super baked and turned into a hard rosin at the end which burnt great in the bong. The potency of the strains seems to vary so far, I haven’t tried all of them but they seem fairly mid-range THC which is perfectly fine IMO. The grinder is about what you would expect a plastic grinder to be like, and the paper and tips work great!

    TLDR; Amazing offer, if I could do it again I would in a heartbeat

  49. firetomb

    Fast shipping, awesome deal, good Quality, wish I could buy again

  50. Tla01

    Everything is perfect, the blunt, the candies, the 4g of weeds. The grinder is fine too.

  51. MTL.racer

    What agreat deal !!…. the 4 grams of weed are great , i loved them … the grinder works fine … .and the King Kone twax blunt and the candies are very good … Too bad its only a 1 time deal

  52. Blu3 Smurf

    Definitely worth it even gave me filters and a gram of hash to try, amazing deal gives you an idea what a person enjoys

  53. Stephen O’Malley

    Awesome deal….only tried the wedding cake so far but it’s quite good…..shipping was ridiculously fast and their chat feature is very helpful with any question….even on weekends top notch guys def reccomend

  54. jazzybella1825

    Just got my first package (including this gem) and I am F****** BLOWN AWAY! Awesome customer service, endless options, and rad AF product! I’m always a little nervous when ordering from a new site, but ‘budem truly exceeded my expectations. 420% would recommend enjoy my fellow “bud-ies”


    Just recruited this in the mail today. It looks so cute! Im excited ro try the different stains. Out of 4, 3 are new to me. Great value! And EXTREMELY fast shipping… ordered on Thursday received Tuesday AND this was Victoria Day weekend, so only took 2 business days!

    100% wil order from here again!!

  56. Alex

    Good bundle

  57. 700mb80min

    Great deal.

  58. Lavern Mcdermott

    Da best xmas stocking ever

  59. andrewcollin

    This was an awesome treat !!! Only downside is the grinder was cracked but they’re going to replace it so win-win.

  60. Tammy Marshall

    Best value box you can get. Really enjoyed trying different kinds of bud and edibles

  61. mfj

    I Give a try when i see one of my friend order, damn ble one of the most expensive, not cheap. 2 Blunt that knock me out.4 Strain that i never had chance to try, and more.
    Happy to buy here Now. Package was seal, pretty perfect nothing to say , no box need,more discretion .

  62. sladeb2004

    Definitely purchase this if it’s your first time buying from here. The weed is some really good shit. The twax joint is amazing and smokes almost to well lmao. The edibles are edibles. The grinder does the job same with the little lighter and the other stuff that came with it.

  63. coupe1947

    Great deal

  64. DVF83

    I’m always a little scared when trying a company for the first time, so I ordered this bundle, where it was only 40 dollars.
    I’m very happy I did, quality flower, the gummies were really good, and the they pre-roll was bomb, lots of keef on it, was the best burning thwax joint I’ve had. All the thwax pre-rolls I’ve had before were a waste of money, cause how crappy it burnt. But budems is definitely worth it, and burn excellent.
    Ordered on Tuesday and had it Friday. Was pretty dam fast considering I’m in New Brunswick. Thank you budem.

  65. sorida

    Very happy with this welcome package. Great value and the quality is amazing. All weed is premium and smokes great. Super good deal! Thank you, Budem!

  66. cynthia_desrochers

    I think it’s an awesome deal !!!!! It not only permits you to discover new products, it also provides everything needed to fix you up 🙂
    I was very satisfied with the strains I got and I recommend this package deal as it comes in nicely packed, offers variety, every product was of quality and is in my opinion worth it !!!!!!

  67. Jason kalyn

    Super cadeaux sa veaux la peine

  68. Krisie

    Amazing deal!!! Wish you could get it more than once lol

  69. Jessica McDonald

    Awesome welcome pkg!!! Thank you so much. Great value for the money 🙂 🙂

  70. Amanda flett

    Your the best

  71. Benoît

    Super cadeau

  72. Alex Ewanchuk

    The joint alone will make you happy you purchased this.

  73. jask90

    New customers need to bought this , this is a must!!!! Very happy with this gift!! Thank you!!

  74. Jean Hamel

    Came here for this deal and stayed for their high quality products at the best price

  75. carolanne


  76. yveslaf1986

    Wow the welcome package is just amazing. I mean for 40$ you get lots of stuff just the 4 grams that’s included in the package is really good stuff plus the king cone is so good and the candies are just amazing… Can’t forget the grinder I ad lots of grinder in my life and the one that comes with this package is just amazing works so great!!! I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Plus it comes in a nice little bag… Thx budem you guys are the best!!

    I’m one happy costumer.

  77. Pierre Marc Legault

    Great website easy to use

  78. amandaverge

    Unbelievable how impressed i am with this welcome gift! Immediately put in another order as soon as i opened my first one haha highly reccomend this site & this bundle 100%

  79. Delinquint jester

    I have trust issues ,and I’d like to thank you for easing my stress .holidays or not you delivered 420 thumbs up the weed was ,puuuurrrrfffeeeccctttlllyyýyyyyyy dried still sticky ,good bud sizes ,even in the quarter packs, shatter kicks nice peices ,biggrrs allways better ,but looks fair and honest ,vaps are real taste and funeral parller quick relax ,and just to let you all out there know ,YES YHEBMUSHROOMS AARE REAL WABBIT HOLE? Nice proportion of stems and caps .gummies work for my friends ,don’t stick to your teeth easy chew and taste they say ,I’m on the mushrooms right now,1 and and a half grams ,cool my fave is the Kiev and every thing in those little jars ,personal little pleasure thank you BBBBBBBBUUUUUUUUDDDDD DDDDDDDEEEE MMMMMM ………

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