yvr kush strain
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Organic: YVR Kush (AAA)


THC 29% | CBD 0%

  • 3.5 Grams $29.99
  • 7 Grams $59.99
  • 14 Grams $109.99
  • 28 Grams $199.99
  • 4 Ounces $599.99
  • 8 Ounces $1149.99
  • 1 Pound $1999.99

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YVR kush is a very mysterious and very popular high end strain that is a major heavy hitter. It is said to have origins from famous the Bubba kush strain, some say it is the strain but “perfected”. You be the judge! A long time consumer favorite in BC.

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3.5 Grams $29.99, 7 Grams $59.99, 14 Grams $109.99, 28 Grams $199.99, 4 Ounces $599.99, 8 Ounces $1149.99, 1 Pound $1999.99

6 reviews for Organic: YVR Kush (AAA)

  1. Will Kennedy

    I love organic cannabis. Seems like Budem always has a really nice selection of legit organic stuff. I only trust this site to has real organic quality. It seems like all the others sites I’ve tried aren’t as good. Everything i bought from here has lived up to the description. Good job Budem!

  2. Rosco

    I’ve shopped numerous bud sites and haven’t been overly impressed until now! Your buds are second to none and reasonable priced. Organic YVR Kush isn’t overpowering but leaves you with a super smooth buzz without the couch lock. Allows me to fly through those weekly chores with ease. A definite keeper!

  3. Serge

    Amazing stuff very potent recomend

  4. Matthieu Wilson

    7 stars.huge buds. For expérienced smokers only. Da bomb

  5. Giuseppe Izzo

    First time trying, very nice smoke,tastes good and good high. Would definitely recommend.

  6. schmidt62rns

    Very clean and smooth. Doesn’t tickle back of throat. No cough. Enjoyed both the in and out. Sticky buds and aroma explosion when busted up. Love it

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