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Zombie OG


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Zombie OG is an indica-dominant dank bud with a multi-dimensional flavor profile. Aromas such as pine, earth, and lavender tease the nose and delight the palate.

Recreational users can expect a couch-locking experience as the weed hits the body hard with sedation and sleepiness. You may feel some euphoria in the head while the body says not now, later. One way to use this strainĀ is for introspection – lay on the bank of a river and contemplate your existence and then go home and have the best sleep of your life!

Deep and peaceful sleep is the promise to medical patients as well as a pain-free existence. People with stress, depression, insomnia, and anxiety will all find something to like in Zombie OG. People suffering from wasting diseases or undergoing chemotherapy may find that they are much more likely to visit the fridge or cupboard for some delicious munchies.

Named for the zombie-like state this strain will put you in, Zombie OG is a favorite of recreational and medical users that just happen to be in the market for a peaceful weed coma.

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2 reviews for Zombie OG

  1. Leeroy Lang

    First purchase with them, and I’m very happy!
    I’ve been searching for a canadian MOM that carried quads at a good price. This strain did not disappoint! I ordered an ounce to try them out first. Package arrived in two days vacuum sealed twice and it was GASSY.
    Burns white, and gets you super ripped. Flavour is smooth and tang. Its a heavy hitter though, so don’t expect to be productive on this Indica. After smoking this weed, I was glued to the couch! Perfect for gaming or netflixing! Would recommend! Will order with you guys again!

  2. bobby sandhu

    very nice

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