BUDEM Points

Its simple.  For every $1.00 you spend, you get 1 point.   For every 100 points, spend $1.25!  Here are a list of ways YOU can earn more points!

Signing up – 100 points

Write a review – 10 points

Purchases – $1.00 = 1 point


Purchase this welcome package valued at $100 for only $40!  The package contains:

  • 4 Strains of cannabis (1 gram each)
  • 1 Bud Edibles variety pack candy (250 mg THC)
  • 1 King Kone twax blunt
  • 1 Raw rolling papers
  • 1 Acrylic Weed Grinder

This package is only available for first time buyers so take advantage of this opportunity now!

free weed welcome gift

Free Gifts!

Our gift program is simple.  When you spend $200, you get to select one of these gifts!  Selection is offered at your shopping cart.