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  1. loridupuis13


  2. Rebecca Twain

    I could taste the berry. Freaking amazingly smooth taste. This was one of my favorites. Very well grown.

  3. Rebecca Twain

    Never disappointed with my Budem strains. I like how they are all so differently unique. And worth what wyou pay.

  4. Rebecca Twain

    It actually tastes amazing. I'm starting to really love your herb. Its well taken care of and so full of flavor. Worth every dollar. Thank you.

  5. Rebecca Twain

    K this strain blew my mind, litteraly tastes, feels, and looks good. I was not dissatisfied. Thank you Budem. Gorgeous budz. Amazing service, got to me 2 days.

  6. Giuseppe Izzo

    First time trying, very nice smoke,tastes good and good high. Would definitely recommend.

  7. mackenziesmith

    Such an amazing deal, I love this website so much. It only took two days to get to Ontario.

  8. It’s just Me

    Ordered Friday In my mail box Monday - Ottawa A few sticks it is shake. Rolled one up. BAM.... Taste is good not harsh no coughing for me Long lasting feeling showing a decent grade smoke. You cannot go wrong here for the price. Will do it again when I need my next order

  9. Joe snow

    Found this supershake to be super good for smoking.

  10. tremblayevean

    Thats look tasty

  11. tremblayevean

    5 stars men this shit look so fucking good and the price is fucking fire men best website ever

  12. Matthieu Wilson

    A beautiful Xmas stocking for any pot head. Beautiful products

  13. Matthieu Wilson

    7 stars.huge buds. For expérienced smokers only. Da bomb

  14. Matthieu Wilson

    Da best shake ever , Worth every penny

  15. rogerclout

    nice looking tasty nugs ok high very smooth

  16. rogerclout

    received in promo gift basket. decent grinder but very basic and plastic

  17. rogerclout

    great gummies. no moisture in pack and very tasty

  18. rogerclout

    holy moly fried

  19. rogerclout

    great stuff

  20. rogerclout

    nice tight hairy buds. good high. smooth and tasty

  21. rogerclout

    good strong papers. perfect add oil too

  22. rogerclout

    it was nice.... decent taste and smooth. short high

  23. rogerclout

    Super tasty, crazy stoned.Great for chilling watching some horror flicks

  24. larrydoiron

    Nice smooth smoke.great price.I will buy again.

  25. amanda.caralynn

    Incredible for anxiety relief!

  26. amanda.caralynn

    I was super impressed with this strain. Smells and tastes great the high is definitely enjoyable, hits quickly, and I find it makes me more talkative and giggly. Will repurchase in the future.

  27. rogerclout

    wow crazy goodness

  28. rogerclout

    Smooth,looks good,taste good,smells yummy, good high id say like medium potency

  29. rogerclout

    Shake? Not like any shake ive had before. More like busted up awesomeness! couldnt be happier smoke it, bake it, its all !

  30. rogerclout

    Shake? Not like any shake ive had before. More like busted up awesomeness! couldnt be happier smoke it, bake it, its all !

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