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  1. mccjosh3

    Very nice smoke tasty and potent

  2. MarcyMez

    My trip was awesome, waiting to try another strain from this site! Very curious for the next order to come in!

  3. Natasha Clark

    Definitely my new favorite morning smoke. My favorite WAS the sherbet, I was buying my 3rd oz of Sherbet (stocking up before it's gone) and decided to throw an oz of pineapple express in the order. Now I need to stock up on the pineapple because it's smell and taste and effect are totally out of this world. Taste and smell is of citrus and hash with a energizing and inspiring high. Get ready to do your best work/projects with this strain. Great for staying on task and getting through your day. After smoking my pain is completely gone and I. Ready to take on anything!

  4. Justin Steinhoff

    Absolutely loved it, such a good taste and it's definitely one of my favorites

  5. Dustin Kvammen

    On point rock hard nugs that will leave you sitting in the couch looking for munchies. Gd cure . This first time buyer will definitely be back and the agent orange was definitely the original strain classic bc strain .

  6. Natasha Clark

    The smell of Kashmir is absolutely out of this world. Beautiful mix of fruit and hash!

  7. Natasha Clark

    Dutch Treat. Have to say, I've always wanted to try this strain. I was expecting it to smell fruity, but instead it has a gorgeous, heavy, gassy hashy smell. Looks just like the photos. Haven't tried smoking it yet, I'm just about to. It's too bad I can't update this review after. I suppose I will just have to write another. This is definitely going on the shortlist of "budget oz"gems.

  8. dettrick41

    great smoke, got me monies worth with this product.

  9. kamran.nicholson

    Nice big buds cured nicely would definitely reccomend this strain

  10. kamran.nicholson

    I must say this is a must try for the price a really nice indica and would differently order this strain again

  11. shylbruneau

    Really good

  12. shylbruneau

    5/5 gummies are amazing!

  13. shylbruneau

    5/5 gummies are amazing!

  14. shylbruneau

    Eorth every penny!

  15. shylbruneau

    Excellent weed i recommend it!

  16. Natasha Clark

    What I love about this site is that their photos tend to actually represent the final product. I have a huge stash of Budem bud and most of the bags look very similar to their product photos. However, I have seen strains with the same reviews. This kief is absolutely gorgeous! It comes in a beautiful and discreet gold jar that is packed to the rim with delicious fluffy sugar.

  17. kim.ddc2017

    Please get this back. Don't hesitate to order these Animal cookies...if knowone has tired.

  18. Jack Scrat

    Love this strain.. Named my dog after it.. Keep the awesome deals coming Budem.. You guys rock.. 😉

  19. Jack Scrat

    Nicely cured popcorn buds.. tastes n smells amazing.. you guys never cease to amaze me.. 🙂

  20. Natasha Clark

    The flavor of Biscotti is absolutely out of this world. I'm a couple tokes in and it literally hurts to thunk. . . . I don't know what to write now... And honestly can't think now. Maybe review later.

  21. Natasha Clark

    I have been buying lots of the ounce deal strains and so far this Birthday Cake is the crystallyest one I have received. What I like about this site is the photos are very close to correct. Although I have found that some of the strains share the same reviews, that is the only downside to this site. Anyways, Birthday Cake, so much frosting the bud is literally wrapped in a blanket. Get ready to be locked to the couch!

  22. jask90

    New customers need to bought this , this is a must!!!! Very happy with this gift!! Thank you!!

  23. jask90

    I have waited a long moment to get a chance to try it, and im not disappointed!!! Very powerful buzz, everything is good 5/5!!!

  24. Tracey Ada

    Very uplifting and relaxing. Worth every buck. Take advantage of it while it's still on sale guys

  25. Aidan Patterson

    I love this indica. Very relaxing and perfect for night time. Totally 5 star strain. It smells great and also taste great. I'll definitely come back for more

  26. Sarah Dong

    Gave me an amazing high overall. It helped a lot with muscular and bone pain on my shoulders. perfect for pain relief. No anxiety at all which I love

  27. Scott T

    This strain is so potent and smells outstanding. Only takes about 5-7 minutes to start working. I didn't get any paranoia or anxiety. Ideal strain

  28. Itsjustme

    Since their no reviews on this let me leave one. The smell when one opens the package is that of sweet, vanilla skunky smell you know the smell of OH this is going to be good! The bud size is medium size but hard and tight when dropped in the grinder it fluffs but nicely This stuff is powerful so a small amount rolled up goes a long way too much and couch lock show’s up when one over does it Once’s it’s lite the smell is quite strong and has that skunky tone that ligers for some time filling the air The price to me was one of the best part... Thanks for the free gifts added to my order mixing with hash will create a super bowl or joint that will make you think twice about doing that again... What a rush

  29. Itsjustme

    It’s been 1 year since I left a review at that time I got a leafy shake lot of sticks and had to clean it then still had to grind it up to be a usable product the smoke was ok and did the trick This time they allow one to chose a strain so I got some GSC... This time it’s all trimmed there still a few sticks in it but much cleaner The smell is like real buds stuff sweet and and a great aroma Had a number of smaller buds mixed in no yellow leaves (unlike the fist time I tried this) LOADED with Leif I mean one can see it clearly once it’s in the mason jar The smoke it smooth and burns a gray whitish ash burn slowly in a joint and has a great favour Where the last time it burned a lot quicker this time it a lot slower and smoother Easy on the throat and vaping it was almost as good as the bud The effects are right up there with some recent buds I received maybe even better Well this will now be added to my orders from now on the price is easily worth it if one going to use as and everyday smoking budget wise For cooking side it powerful and will make some knock out cookies and other items If they offered this in a larger size at a QP and a bit of a price saving this would be the steal on this site One last thing Thanks for the free stuff that just added even more value to this purchase

  30. Gael Driver

    I just tried this on a whim, decided not to get the 7 gram but the 3.5.... should have gotten the 7... Damn!!! This was pretty bud, sticky but not ‘eff up your grinder’ sticky .... looked beautiful all ground up... like I’m talking... a man at last call, but your not sure what your getting, pretty!!! The high was amazing... not super spacey, like you forgot where you put your phone while your using it ...spacey, but enough to forget what the hell you bought on Amazon... and boxes are showing up the next day!!! Will buy this again and again... Oh yeah.... I bought stick on googley eyes

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