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  1. A L

    Tastes great, gets me high (and I have pretty high tolerance), great deal overall

  2. Angel Margret

    WoooW! These are cool. So tasty and nice and strong.

  3. George Pidgley

    Bargin! Never tried a vape before and i loved this one. I will try more on the site but for now a great starting point

  4. Ronald Connolly

    This is a megabar and and half!! Huge punch at 400 mg. Fruitloops and marshmallows, wow who wouldnt. So yummy

  5. Tahir Warren

    Another amazing product by Budem. I was in everyday chronic pain until I found this amazing product. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to try diamonds.

  6. Ethan Alexander

    Took 7 grams of this Strain had a more like dmt trip crazy visuals thought that I had 2 dogs in my living room but don’t own any pets.

  7. kim.ddc2017

    The flavour alone will blow your mind. California Orange is a most definite reorder..

  8. tleee1970

    Just got this in my mailbox Thursday, I absolutely love the way it smells, and it hits hard for just aaa, I don't usually smoke anything under aaa+, but this should be +

  9. tleee1970

    Just got this in the mail on Thursday, it smells and tastes absolutely amazing. Definitely on my favorite list, but not the only one there.

  10. Karam Oneill

    Great price for a really cool looking battery. It feels like its going to last a long long time and in the end i'll save a ton of money adding whatever cartridge i want

  11. Peter Thompson

    Overall a really decent pen that feels like your getting your moneys worth.

  12. Ian Ingram

    This is my favour pen on the market right now. Battery lasted until the end

  13. Eleri Wiggins

    I’ve never seen anything like this. Super clear and super potent. Easy to work with and nice to crumble into some flower when vaping for that extra kick or adding to sauce. It’s nice to have the pure option on this site.

  14. Edgar Casey

    Yup hits you like a sledge hammer, has a slight harsh buzz immediately then in 5 min a wonderful happy relaxed buzz. Really is my go to for pain. Tastes amazing. Love this it alot... Speedy service.

  15. Sahib Mckenna

    This was my first time trying white chem dawg. It made me feel relaxed and not anxious. It had a smooth finish with a great taste. It came in the mail very fast within 2 days was able to receive the product. I will be purchasing this again for sure

  16. Randal Howard

    This stuff is insanely strong, and at $44 its a steal. Mine has lasted me over 3 months. Its so powerful so you will be taking fat rips.

  17. El Jefe

    It’s crazy stuff lol! Awesome diamonds and really really strong! It’s a must for connaisseurs of cannabis!

  18. Willis Atkinson

    This stuff is fire! It felt like the first time I got high when I use this. Its a sure must try and well worth the price. Was amazing for my PAIN too

  19. Sumayyah Christensen

    Works really well for depression. In fact it gives you an overall sense of a happy awesome feeling. I function great on it and tastes like sunshine and rainbows. Yum! Speedy service too.

  20. Shelia Gregory

    Really great strain. I Feeling really chill and mellow. Tastes so good too. I want to smoke the rest but I'm debating because i dont want to go to sleep......

  21. Stuart Prentice

    A fantastic strain that can be used to treat various diseases. I buy it for my stress after a long day at my job and dealing with the public! I smoke a small joint to get me in a good mood and focused on current tasks. Arrived in 1 day, speedy service.

  22. Simeon Stark

    Relaxes you and puts you right to sleep. Not a daytime smoke, it will literally violate you and turn your brain into mush. Couch lock for real! What a toke man. Pain, anxiety, restlessness, gone, what a strain.

  23. Tammy Waters

    One of my best antidepressant remedies out there! A smooth smoke with a taste of oranges on the exhale, This made the list of my very top favourites. Keep up the great work!

  24. Shawn

    Had this bud and was very impressed with it would get this again forsure

  25. Sierra Price

    I found this a very easy to smoke strain. Easy on the lungs and the flavour was good. The High was a nice even mix, but it was the calming effect on the stomach that makes this strain a must try. The buds were frosty and stinky like diesel would be.

  26. Willis Atkinson

    I love this strain first smell from the jar is a minty glue that just tickles to senses. These buds are fine dense frosty looking like snow.

  27. Andrew Rios

    5 star on this pink kush with its super tight sticky buds with a nice high i would for sure buy this strain again ?

  28. Karl Stephenson

    Chem dawg is a household favourite when doing chores or mental work easing body aches and freeing the mind. If you smoke too much and you’ll be couch lock. Perfect for a rainy day pick up.

  29. Simon

    Rockstar buds are a personal long time favourite!! This strawberry version has that earthy but sweet taste. Highly recommended to everyone and anybody, Great high!

  30. Roger

    Clearly the best strain Ive ever had. Me and my fiancé were so surprised with how strong it is. It felt like we were on clouds when laying down, yet we were able to still focus very well 10/10

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