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  1. Joanne Murphy

    Very very happy with everything I got so far thank you

  2. Danny Foster

    Got some as bonus gifts. Six of us smoked one and WOW what a buzz. Definitely worth the $

  3. Danny Foster

    Can't go wrong. Always great smoke.

  4. Danny Foster

    Never a fail. Great Bud from some great guys

  5. Danny Foster

    Want some great hash? This is perfect hash for hot knives. Beautiful smoke

  6. Johnny Hayes

    Was very very impressed with this!! Super nice buds..so tasty!!! Definitely getting this again!!

  7. Heisenberg

    I first tried this stain with a friend who first showed me this site. I was very impressed by how amazing these buds look and smell. The smoke is very tasty and smooth. The high sets in quickly and made me feel energetic, happy, and giggly. I will deffinately be ordering this for myself, one of the best strains I have ever smoked.

  8. Heisenberg

    I tried this strain with a friend a mine who first showed me this site. The smoke was smooth and the high was very enjoyable and relaxing. I will be ordering this for myself, it is such an amazing deal!

  9. Heisenberg

    This strain is one of the best I have ever had, one of my new favourites. The buds are beautiful, loaded with crystals, and smell so good. The high sets in quickly and lasts a long time. Budem customer service is amazing and they even give me gifts as well. I will continue to order from them from and recommend them to all my friends and family.

  10. Heisenberg

    I tried this strain with my friend who also orders from budem and first showed me the site. These buds smelled amazing and the smoke was smooth and tasty. The high set in quickly and lasted for a long time, providing deep relaxation and pain relief. Excellent product, will be ordering for myself.

  11. Heisenberg

    Amazing buds, the best I have ever seen and smoked. I have never seen buds so purple and loaded with crystals before. This is one of my new favourite strains. This was very nice to smoke and a very enjoyable high. Amazing customer service provided by budem. I will continue to order from this site as long as they are around.

  12. Heisenberg

    This strain is very potent and excellent for pain relief and relaxation. The smoke is smooth and the high sets in quickly and lasts a long time. I will deffinately order this again. Budem always provides me with amazing customer service and I recommend this site to all my friends.

  13. Heisenberg

    Walter White is an awesome strain, one of the best I have ever had. These potent buds smell amazing and are loaded with crystals. The smoke is smooth and tastes good. This strain is great for hanging out with friends as it makes you energetic, happy, and giggly. Will be ordering this again, and continue to recommend it to my friends.

  14. Heisenberg

    Potent little popcorn buds that are great for pain relief and relaxation. Buds look and smell amazing. Amazing customer service provided, will be ordering this strain again.

  15. Heisenberg

    I really enjoyed smoking this strain after a long day of work. These potent buds provided relaxation and relief for a sore back. Some of the best buds I ever ordered. Budem.net provided excellent customer service as well as throwing in some gifts too. Will be ordering from this site all the time, and continue to recommend them to friends and family as well.

  16. Heisenberg

    Excellent strain. Very potent and big buds with loads of crystals. Some of the best stuff I have ever had. I am highly impressed and will be buying again. Also, I am very impressed with the amazing customer service provided.

  17. markdingley3

    Ordered a bunch of these and will deffinately be ordering again!!!!! 5 star for everything!!!! Costomer service was great and very honest! Thanks jason

  18. markdingley3

    Ordered some of these candies and couldn't be happier!!! Easy to order and jason was awsome to deal with!

  19. Bobby PM28

    Great deal. Quality is good. There’s good amount of thc on this.

  20. Jack

    Killer deal. Told all my friends about u guys and your awesome deals. Thanks for hooking up the free gifts. You guys have such a great rewards program.

  21. Giuseppe izzo

    Very nice taste, fire.

  22. Giuseppe izzo

    Looks very nice, all purple. Too sweet for my tastes .

  23. Jayden

    This is good shatter. Very clean taste and strong kick.

  24. Mya

    Very relaxing and chill. Good bud lol

  25. Kenny

    Love this stuff!! Amazing buzz, taste and smell. Keep up the quality and price guys!! I'll never buy else where. Deliverd in 2 days!

  26. Emma Puddy

    My favourite! So good!

  27. Emma Puddy

    Smells and tastes amazing!

  28. Emma Puddy

    Love it!! Really nice consistency, and delicious!

  29. Jerry Craig

    Nice quality. They definitely put care into these joints. I buy them regularly. Smokes great. And I love the box.

  30. Randy P29

    I really like all the gold series line here. Looks so nice and they work great. High quality!

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