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  1. Linda Scott

    Amazing fast and best deals on line yet thanks Budem you have a long time customer now 100%

  2. Anna H

    Super nice! Love it

  3. Gill R

    This is the best shake I've ever tried. It feels just like I'm smoking really good weed. It's smooth, strong, and very caked.

  4. Johnny Y

    This is basically the same thing as good weed. I'm impressed and will be buying more.

  5. Stan H

    Wow this shake is so nice. Very happy with it. Smokes like good quality weed. Saved a bunch of $

  6. Ashley Nielsen

    I love everything I got in my welcome box , thank you so much

  7. Mark Baker


  8. Mark

    Wow great offer

  9. Brandon Guzman

    Best deal , shipping super fast love it!

  10. Tayden B

    Pretty good. Good bang for buck

  11. George Y

    Surprisingly good. Lol No complaints

  12. Jacky L

    It’s good cbd strain. Very calming

  13. theeesixxx

    the online help has been amazing thank you so much !

  14. Jason Vandenberghe

    Very nice

  15. Tracy

    Wow really happy and satisfied with product!

  16. Serge

    This is a awseome site awesome deals

  17. Peter Riess

    Wow what a great welcome package fast shipping on all my items thank you so much peace

  18. Randy H

    Shipped so fast. Comes with really good products. It’s a good price.

  19. Frankie Terrance

    Awesome deal. Shipping was quick.

  20. Frankie Terrance

    Awesome package. Such a good deal. Shipping was quick.

  21. Cameron Monique

    God damn this is hella good!!! Premium for sure. Gonna buy more.

  22. Stoned Stan

    Wow this is good shake man! You’re basically getting quad flowers for the price of shake. Smokes like really good flowers.

  23. Jay 2

    Good shake.

  24. Jan Poplar

    This package is a steal. I’m very pleased with the quality and price is so good. Very fast shipping. Ordered Wednesday and got it on Friday. The customer service is top notch. I’ll be referring my friends here.

  25. Harold G

    I’m very happy with this package. Great value and the quality is amazing. The weed is all premium and smokes great. The King Kone is awesome. And candy is good too. Grinder works great and they even included rolling paper. I’m speechless. All for $30 bucks. Excellent stuff !

  26. Don Jenner

    This is a killer deal. Thanks so much Budem. You guys have an amazing team. Everyone was so helpful. I’ll be sticking here. Keep up the good work!

  27. Cazi

    I placed an order of random strains and this was one of them holayyy I fuckin love it. Took all my work pressure away

  28. Cazi

    Put me to sleep lovely strain

  29. Cazi

    Bought it last week and holy fuck it’s amazing. Bud to stem ratio is fair

  30. jane m

    Good quality. It helps me feel good.

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