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  1. Tammy Marshall

    Best value box you can get. Really enjoyed trying different kinds of bud and edibles

  2. Lavern Mcdermott

    I received one as gift, i had to put it out 3 Times b4 i could finish it. Intense

  3. andrewcollin

    Man this is my jammmm Shit son. Awesome stuff.

  4. andrewcollin

    This was an awesome treat !!! Only downside is the grinder was cracked but they’re going to replace it so win-win.

  5. Lavern Mcdermott

    Thé perfect size, burns slowly

  6. Lavern Mcdermott

    Perfect seize, eat 2 to start

  7. Lavern Mcdermott

    Very smooth , burns well

  8. Lavern Mcdermott

    Very smooth , intoxicating

  9. Lavern Mcdermott

    Plz keep it quiet, da bomb

  10. dgiovann29

    ..my friend ordered these and i traded 3 of my sweedish berries for 3 rasberries...i have decidedrasberries are my second favourite to the gummie bears...will get ....

  11. dgiovann29

    both good again...cali bubba again and crazy looking ayahuasca purple......thx

  12. dgiovann29

    ...got as a free gram again..which is good...cuz this weed is good.....

  13. dgiovann29

    ..got as free gram.....nice smoke...

  14. Joshua Etigaitok

    Good high

  15. Krisie Vedd

    Nice assorted pack of edibles. One of the tastier ones I’ve tried! Will definitely buy again 🙂

  16. Krisie Vedd

    Very nice addition to my nightly draw!

  17. Krisie Vedd

    Nice strain to smoke. Heavy on the Indica so it will make you sleepy.

  18. Richard Hannell

    Simple to use

  19. Melissa Njarheim

    Awesome stuff!! I used mine with an Edab attachment for my bong. Lovely flavor (I got space cookies) and powerful high.

  20. Melissa Njarheim

    I had bought these for my little yorkie when she was at the end of her life. We've since had to say goodbye, but I just wanted to thank y'all for giving me an option for something that helped her joint pain without adding more side effects in addition to her lung meds. These seemed to work for her really well (though she never did respond when I asked her how they worked.. lol) thanks again for bringing more quality to her last few months. I wish you all every joy in life

  21. Melissa Njarheim

    Another awesome strain!! Nice and potent, nice flavor, and absolutely amazing price! I'd reccomend it in a heartbeat!!

  22. Melissa Njarheim

    This stuff is awesome!! Nice and potent and comes in the prettiest most bougie containers! If you think of a moonrock like the cherry on top, then this is the sprinkles. I like making a whole-ass sundae.... I think I'm hungry.

  23. Melissa Njarheim

    I adore the flavor of this one!! I was a little concerened it might be too "in your face" banana but it's just nice. And don't even get me started on the amount of crystal on these nugs!! These bois glisten in the sun!!

  24. Melissa Njarheim

    I adored this strain!! It has decent flavor, but the real winner is the high. It worked so well for me as a daytime strain!! I have severe depression and executive disfunction and after a big old bowl of this, sure I was baked. But i also got my whole basement cleaned. Now, you need to know I'd not done a single household task since covid hit. This is going to definitely be a go to for me and I'll be raving about it for ages!!

  25. Melissa Njarheim

    These are my new favorite thing!! They're like the cherry on top, and add that extra *pow* lovely flavor and wonderful buzz!! 12/10 would definitely reccomend!!!

  26. Jimmy the spliff

    Very hard just like rock candy but busts up nicely. Not bad taste but could be more potent

  27. Jimmy the spliff

    One of the best stains I've had in a while. Great taste very easy to smoke and s great buzz that lasts for hours

  28. andrewcollin

    Best place !Too bad about the shipping fee great to buy bulk anyways and an added bonus was the extra content in the bag made up for the shipping fee Bammm!!

  29. Tammy Harris

    Love this site

  30. vincent.johnson84

    I ordered a oz of this was pretty decent nice purple bud. Definitely ordering again .

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