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  1. James Westerback

    Good deal nice high

  2. alvynlandry

    Never enjoyed myself we'll being stoned to the bones

  3. Shawn

    It works wife loves it

  4. Leah Moser

    Very good

  5. midget1996

    Amazing stuff. The batch I got was cut like quads and the taste and smoke was amazing as well. Would try again

  6. devyn_baldwin

    Great hash well worth $300 a Oz

  7. [email protected]

    always fair price

  8. Jennyfur

    I love these mushrooms. I have bought these many times and will continue to buy them from Budem - great quality nice amount of caps. Great for making tea with I steep it for 15-20 minutes and add some honey before I drink it. Start with 1 g if you are new to this type of mushroom to gauge your tolerance first. I typically steep 2-4 grams for tea. Tea = high for 3-4 hours versus eating them = high for 5+ hours. Very social high, or great for solo introspection. Often see plants breathing during my high.

  9. Jennyfur

    One of my favourite strains, a well balanced high. Great for anyone who is prone to anxiety when high.

  10. Jennyfur

    I have had the pleasure of having tried this from one of the original growers back in the 90's. The stone literally blew me away how strong it is. Plan on getting nothing done on this strain - movies, music, and relaxing are all you are going to want to do. I do not recommend for anyone who is prone to get anxious when high.

  11. Jennyfur

    A great strain for any time of the day. Very tasty and balance effects for both mind and body. A must try strain.

  12. Jennyfur

    This is to date in my top 5 strains. I will definitely buy this strain again! Great any time of the day strain. It gave me a great combo of body and mind stone! I shared some with my friend, who is a craft grower herself, and she LOVED it!

  13. Jennyfur

    Perfect anytime of the day strain to smoke. One of my new favourites. Will purchase again.

  14. Randy B.

    Got the last of the Death Bubba, before everything was sold out. Amazing deal. Smokes like a $200 oz. Smooth and cerebral. Bring back the 99 purple kush. Best deal I ever got 🙂

  15. David Dang

    So good I like it

  16. Rae

    Amazing service/shipping times. Loved these king kones, was a good deal!

  17. Rae

    Great deals and great gummies, they even added an extra pack outside of the 6 I picked! The service/shipping is amazing as well!

  18. cbd dog treats

    This really opened my eyes. The writing skill alone kept my interest. Thank you for sharing!

  19. Jack Scrat

    Very good.. This strain knocked me out.. Excellent for my insomnia.. 🙂

  20. dettrick41

    one of the best ounce deal I ever got, for the product every nickle was worth to spend. great smoke sessions took place with this product.

  21. dettrick41

    I'm a daily smoker, this product is a good smoke great high, highly Recommend this strain. fast shipping,

  22. dettrick41

    great strain to smoke, would recommend it, as I'm a daily smoker.

  23. dettrick41

    definitely money's worth product, it will not disappoint, heavy hitter. ordered more then once this product, its amazing.

  24. Kitty Kat

    Long lasting high,that puts me in a great mood and doesn’t make me tired.I highly recommend.

  25. Stéphanie McDonald

    Wow super bon goût et a super bien brûlé! Je le recommande fortement

  26. Stéphanie McDonald

    Super bon goût et apparence!! Et que dire du prix. Comme toujours un super service. Merci budem 🙂

  27. gerrygour2014

    Ordered Maui Way I love that it so creamy.Budem ROCKS.BEST IN THE BIZ

  28. Shawn

    Received this twice now and not disappointed at all thanks for the great mystery

  29. Paul Horncastle

    I like this for smoking as well as for baking. Which ever way I use it it’s always good.

  30. Shawn

    Very nice ,would get again, APlus

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