Just writing to share with you some product updates we have listed for this weekend! Click here to jump straight to our New Products page.

New products this weekend include:
  • Elite Elevations – Terp Sauce
  • Elite Elevations – Budder
  • Elite Elevations – Premium Shatter
  • Elite Elevations – CBD Tinctures
  • Elite Elevations – THC Tinctures
  • Elite Elevations – THC:CBD Tinctures
  • Elite Elevations – Live Resin Terp Cartridges (C-Cell)
  • Elite Elevations – Diamonds
  • Elite Elevations – Diamonds in Terp sauce
  • Elite Elevations – Crumble
  • Mystic Medibles – Brownies (200mg + 400mg)
  • Mystic Medibles – Chocolate Chip Cookies (100mg)
  • Mystic Medibles – Gummies
  • Tons of new strains to be listed including Blackberry Bubble $99!Limited to one per order due to high demand.


Have an amazing weekend!

Thank you,

Budem Team

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